February 17, 2021 10:00 AM
KHSAA Board of Control
1. Adjourn Full Board Into Work Session (President-Elect Marlon Miller)
2. Convene Full Board of Control Meeting, February 17, 2021, 11:00 p.m. (President Darrell Billings)
3. Open Comment Session (10 minutes), Preference to school administrators
4. Pledge of Allegiance- Russell Thompson
5. Reflection- Kim Parker Brown
6. Consent Agenda
6.1. January 2021 Regular Meeting Minutes
7. Consider Items Referred from Work Session
7.1. Transfer and Eligibility Appeals January 1, 2021 to Present
7.2. Current Budget Status
7.3. Championship Review
7.3.1. Discussion of Football Championships (Bracketing)
7.3.2. Season and Championship Status- Winter-Bowling
7.3.3. Season and Championship Status- Winter-Swimming
7.3.4. Season and Championship Status- Winter-Wrestling
7.3.5. Season and Championship Status-Winter-Basketball
7.3.6. Season and Championship Status-Spring-ESports
7.3.7. Season and Championship Status-Winter-Dance
7.3.8. Season and Championship Status-Winter-Cheer
7.3.9. Season and Championship Status-Spring Sports
7.4. Finance/Admin
7.4.1. President-Elect Election
7.4.2. Update on Corporate Sales Agreement
7.5. Member School Administrative Issues
7.5.1. Report Tryout windows for activities shift as part of the calendar
7.5.2. Status of Prime Date Monitoring
7.6. Constitution and Bylaws Issues
7.6.1. Legislature and Legislation Review
7.7. Reports and Information
7.7.1. Around the State and Nation
7.7.2. Discuss Hall of Fame Nominations, Screening and Next Steps
8. Adjourn