November 18, 2020 12:00 PM
KHSAA Full Board of Control Meeting
1. Adjourn Full Board Into Work Session (President-Elect Marlon Miller)
2. Convene Full Board of Control Meeting, November 18, 2020, 12:00 p.m.
3. Open Comment Session (10 minutes), Preference to school administrators
4. Pledge of Allegiance- Larry Coldiron
5. Reflection- Pete Galloway
6. Consent Agenda (single consent vote to accept all)
6.1. September 2020 Regular Meeting Minutes
7. Consider Items Referred from Work Session
7.1. COVID-19 Fall Sports Report
7.1.1. Golf Championship Review
7.1.2. Field Hockey Championship Review
7.1.3. Soccer Season and Championship Review
7.1.4. Volleyball Season and Championship Review
7.1.5. Cross Country Championship Review Including New Site
7.1.6. Football Playoff Status and Championship Weekend Logistics Review
7.1.7. Authorize the Commissioner's Office to Revise Football State Dates as Necessary
7.2. COVID-19 All Sports Issues
7.2.1. Review Current Travel Restriction
7.2.2. Consider Contract Provisions for Contests, Bylaw 22, including Forfeiture of Contests and Forfeit Fees
7.2.3. Non-Played Seeded District Games Revision
7.2.4. Bylaw 5 - Review Monitoring of Weekly Grade Checks
7.3. COVID-19 Winter Issues
7.3.1. Review Guidance Document Status, Health and Safety Information- Winter Sports Basketball Swimming Wrestling Competitive Cheer Dance
7.4. COVID-19 Spring Issues
7.4.1. Review Guidance Document Status, Health and Safety Information, Initial stages of spring sports guidance Track and Field Archery Bass Fishing Baseball Softball Tennis
7.5. Team Sport Items
7.5.1. Remind about Basketball Realignment (Per Policy, Necessary Changes Only, Any potential action in January)
7.6. Individual Sport Items
7.6.1. Golf Review Including Available Data, Further Review in January
7.7. Sport Activity Items
7.7.1. Dance Divisions, Review Survey
7.8. Member School Operations and Non-Sports Specific Event Issues
7.8.1. Placement of Highlands Latin in future alignments
7.9. Board Business Operations Items
7.9.1. Scheduling Discretion, Ethical and Societal Issues
7.9.2. Officials Recruiting and Retention Update
7.9.3. Current Budget Status
7.9.4. Marketing Sales Status Report
7.9.5. Personnel Information and Announcements
7.10. Constitution, Bylaws, and Regulatory Items
7.10.1. Review Eligibility Trends During Pandemic
7.10.2. Transfers and Eligibility Appeals, July 1, 2020, to October 31, 2020
7.11. Reports and Information
7.11.1. Around the State and Nation
8. Adjourn