July 10, 2020 8:30 AM
Full Board of Control Work Session
1. Work Session-Friday, July 10, 8:30 a.m.
2. Covid-19 Issues
2.1. Status of Normally Scheduled Events for 2020-2021
2.2. Constitution, Bylaws and Regulatory Issues
2.2.1. Discuss Bylaw 4 A7 Students and Eligibility per Superintendent/Local Board of Education/SBDM rulings
2.2.2. Discuss Bylaw 5 First Day Credit Check
2.2.3. Discuss Bylaw 6, 7 and 8 Waiver Considerations and Discussion
2.2.4. Discuss Bylaw 9 and fall of 2020
2.3. Options and discussions, sharing of information and gathering of thoughts, 2020-2021 and the Covid-19 Pandemic
2.3.1. Review of Related Amateur Organizations
2.3.2. Review of Guidance Documents
2.3.3. Review of Return to School Documents
2.3.4. Review of Other State Resumption to Play
2.3.5. Specific Considerations Around Football
2.3.6. Specific Considerations Around Golf
2.4. Consideration of Next Segment Steps beyond July 12
2.5. Competition and Rules Considerations
2.6. Consider Fall Season Next Steps
2.7. Consider start of golf regular season
3. Closed Session to Review Legal Matters per KRS 61.810 (**)
4. Member School Operations and Non-Sports Specific Event Issues
4.1. Status of Regulations Promulgation
4.2. Approval of Membership Applications-Trinity Christian, Somerset Christian, North Hardin Christian, Foundation Christian
4.3. Schools with no Title IX and Participation Reports
4.4. NFHS Network Report/Pixxelot
4.5. Status of 2020-2021 Financial Aid Reports
4.6. Annual Meeting Agenda and Transition to Online Meeting (2020 only)
4.7. Regional Meeting Agenda and Transition to Online Meeting (2020 only)
4.8. New Administrators Meeting Agenda and Transition to Online Meeting (2020 only)
4.9. Title IX Meeting Agenda and Transition to Online Meeting (2020 only)
4.10. Impact on Schools of Title IX Reg Changes
4.11. Title IX Site Visits
4.12. Consider Revisions to Prime Date Policy for 2020-21 ONLY
5. Office Operations and Normal Procedures
5.1. Consider annual evaluation of the Commissioner per 702 KAR 7:065 per Executive Committee
5.2. Triennial Survey Update
5.3. Reminder of Postponed Review of Officials Fees (to be enacted 2021-22)
5.4. Disqualification Penalty and Options for Penalty Review
5.5. Sponsorship Discussion
5.6. Review of Personnel Manual Changes Including Transition to KEDC
5.7. Working Budget Discussion and Review
5.8. Retirement of Bonnie Barnes
5.9. Adoption of 2020-21 Meeting Schedule
6. Team Sport Items
6.1. RPI DIscussion, alternatives for 2020-21 only
7. Individual Sport Items
7.1. Consideration related to Harlan County (TR/XC)
8. Sport Activity Items
8.1. Staff Report-eSports/NFHS Network
8.2. UCA Division Size Changes
8.3. Confirm Dance Division Changes
9. Due Process Items
9.1. Transfers and Eligibility Appeals, July 1, 2019, to June 30, 2020
10. Reports and Information
10.1. Review of Summer Meeting