November 19, 2019 8:30 AM
Full Board of Control Work Session
1. Finance and Administration Items
1.1. Marketing Status Report
2. Closed Session to Review Legal Matters per KRS 61.810 (**)
3. Finance and Administration Items (Continued)
3.1. Consider movement of specific employees to a contracted Memorandum of Agreement with Kentucky Educational Development Cooperative.
3.2. Approve Correspondence Seeking KERS Removal Estimates
3.3. Budget Status, Commissioner Request for amendment
3.4. Status of New School membership request, CornerStone Preparatory School in Madisonville
3.5. Board of Control Summer Meeting
4. Individual Sport Items
4.1. Golf Items
4.1.1. Postseason Championship Report
4.2. Cross Country Items
4.2.1. Postseason Championship Report
4.2.2. Alignment Revision Procedure due to Enrollment, Track and Cross Country
4.3. Swimming Items
4.3.1. Diving Regions Survey Results and Date Approval
4.3.2. 2020 Diving Schedule
4.3.3. Ongoing School Year Report
4.4. Wrestling Items
4.4.1. Ongoing School Year Report
5. Team Sport Items
5.1. Field Hockey Items
5.1.1. Postseason Championship Report
5.1.2. Future of Field Hockey
5.2. Soccer Items
5.2.1. Postseason Championship Report
5.2.2. Alignment Fine-Tuning Discussion
5.3. Volleyball Items
5.3.1. Postseason Championship Report
5.4. Football Items
5.4.1. Sayre Request to Replace Jenkins in District
5.4.2. RPI, Scheduling, Current Season Review and Report
5.4.3. State Football Tickets and Championship Information
5.5. Basketball Items
5.5.1. Discuss Basketball Realignment (Per Policy, Necessary Changes Only)
5.5.2. Basketball Team Dropping Girls Basketball Discussion
5.5.3. State Basketball Tickets and Championship Information
5.5.4. Ongoing School Year Report
6. Sport Activity Items
6.1. Bowling Items
6.1.1. Ongoing School Year Report
6.2. ESports-Winter Items
6.2.1. Ongoing School Year Report
6.3. Dance Items
6.3.1. Dance Dates 2020 and Beyond
6.3.2. Ongoing School Year Report
6.4. Competitive Cheer Items
6.4.1. Ongoing School Year Report
6.5. Bass Fishing Items
6.5.1. Ongoing School Year Report
7. Constitution and Bylaws Issues
7.1. Physical Form Review and Discussion
8. Officials Division Issues and Report
8.1. NASO Continued Sponsorship for 2020
8.2. Officials Recruiting and Retention Update
8.3. Discuss ArbiterPay Statewide Adoption
9. Reports and Information
9.1. Commissioners Report
9.1.1. Around the State
9.1.2. Around the Nation
9.2. Staff Reports and Updates on Non-Championship Items