September 28, 2017 7:45 AM
KHSAA Full Board of Control Work Session
1. Board of Control will Convene at 7:45 a.m. and adjourn into Work Session Following a Review of the Day's Schedule
2. Review Schedule for Day and Solicit Necessary Additional Information (President Elect Donna Bumps)
3. Consideration of Work Session Items (President-Elect Donna Bumps)
4. Opportunity for Public Comment
5. Sport Activity Items
5.1. Discuss Fishing Alignment, Tournament Qualification Formula Status
5.2. eSports Discussion
5.3. Request for Dance Limitation of Season
6. Finance/Administration Items
6.1. Presentation of 2015-2016 Audit
6.2. Consider Issuance of Ticket Bond
6.3. Discussion of Foundation and Other Staffing Options
6.4. Officials Recruiting and Retention Update
6.5. Website Analytics Review and Discussion
6.6. Approve Replacement of 2012 Automobile
6.7. Status of Regulatory Approval of 2016-17 Changes
7. Team Sports Items
7.1. Discuss 2021 Basketball Site Conflict
7.2. Discuss Basketball Realignment (Per Policy, Necessary Changes Only)
7.3. Basketball Alternative Presented to Staff
7.4. Football Playoff, Class 1A, Option Based on Standings
7.5. Football Playoff Alternative Submitted by Garrard County Representative
8. Constitution and Bylaws Issues
8.1. Annual Meeting voting Results
8.2. Bylaw 11 Financial Aid Discussion (emergency situations)
8.3. Bylaw 11 Financial Aid Annual Report
8.4. Bylaw 9 Waiver Request of Exemption, USA Junior National Mini Camp
8.5. Discussion of Options, Review of Various Seasons per School Feedback
8.6. Home School Participation Discussion
8.7. Danville Christian Academy Membership Application
9. Individual Sports Items
9.1. Tennis State Information from Newly Formed Coaches Association