July 14, 2017 3:15 PM
KHSAA Full Board of Control Work Session
1. Orientation and Review
2. Spring Sports and Sport-Activity Review
2.1. 2017 State Bass Fishing
2.2. 2017 State Tennis Tournament
2.3. 2017 State Track and Field Meet
2.4. 2017 State Fastpitch Softball Tournament
2.5. 2017 State Baseball Tournament
3. Finance and Administration Items
3.1. Finance Review and Adoption of Continuing Budget Resolution
3.2. Consider Alternative Dues Structure for member schools with less than one-hundred students, solely for schools that do not participate in baseball, basketball, field hockey, football, soccer, softball or volleyball
3.3. Review and final adoption of Meeting Schedule
3.4. Appointment of Board Committees and Special Assignments
3.5. Consideration of Renewal of Member School Applications
3.6. Review of Submitted Reports, KHSAA Bylaw 11
3.7. Event Ticket and Income Reports (TN, TR, FP, BA)
3.8. Initial Discussion, Trophy Contract for Member Schools
3.9. Consider Revision of Percentage of Ratings Assigned to Assigning Secretaries in BA, BK, FH, FB, FP, SO, VB and WR.
4. Strategic Plan Review and Preliminary Consideration of Plan, 2017 to 2022
5. Team Sports Items
5.1. Adopt Football Playoff Rotation Bracket Schedule, 2017 and 2018
5.2. Adopt Finals Schedule, 2017 State Football
5.3. Status Report, Current Year Football Rules and Officiating Changes
5.4. Confirm dates and sites, 2017 State Field Hockey Tournament
5.5. Review Fastpitch Softball and Baseball Tournament Formats, next steps for future discussion
5.6. Consider adoption of requirement, face protection for pitcher, 1st baseman, 3rd baseman, fastpitch softball
5.7. Review Information, 2017-18 NFHS Basketball Rules Change, 28 foot coaching box
5.8. Initial discussions, Fastpitch Softball Pitch Count/Inning Limit, Mandatory Rest Possibilities,
5.9. Initial discussions and timeline development, football reclassification and realignment
5.10. Initial discussion and timeline development, scheduling of 2021 basketball tournaments (and years beyond)
6. Individual Sports Items
6.1. Review Track/Field and Cross Country Alignment Feedback and Adopt Final Alignment for 2017-18 through 2020-21 seasons
6.1.1. Consider Harlan County Appeal of Placement
6.1.2. Consider revision to competition rules, Cross Country State Meet qualification
6.1.3. Consider movement of Southern High School
6.1.4. Consider movement of Bardstown, Nelson County and Thomas Nelson in track and field.
6.1.5. Consider movement of Fort Knox, Washington County and Bethlehem from region 3 to region 2 of Class 1A draft alignment
6.1.6. Consider Additional Submitted Comments and Requests Related to Alignment
6.1.7. Consider adoption of alignment following revisions
6.2. Initial discussion and timeline development, realignment of tennis to match basketball regions
6.3. Discussion and possible revision, State Swim/Dive Meet schedule
6.4. Discuss Possible Track and Field Schedule per review of calendar, set state dates
6.5. Continued Review, Possible State Wrestling Site(s)
7. Sport Activity Items
7.1. Approve Site for 2018 State Bowling Competition
8. Constitution and Bylaws Issues
8.1. Relevant Bylaw Issues/Proposals (2nd reading)
9. Commissioner's Report on Administrative Non Championship Items
9.1. Review of Schedule, KHSAA Region Workshops