August 24, 2015 7:30 AM
KHSAA Full Board of Control Work Session
1. Review Schedule for Day including Annual Meeting and Solicit Necessary Additional Information (President Jeff Saylor)
2. Full Board Review and Orientation
3. Administrative and Business Items
3.1. Review of Replacment Election Results, Regions 9-10 Sectional Board member
3.2. Discussion of Board Membership
3.3. Approve Renewal Membership Applications 2015-2016
3.4. Consider New Membership Applications 2015-2016
3.5. Triennial Survey Results
3.6. Discussion of Classification and Report of Information Collected
3.7. Prime Date Requirement, Consider Schedule of Penalties
3.8. Consideration of Recommended Coaching Code of Ethics
3.9. The requirement for Administrators to attend meeting, shifted to regional meeting
3.10. Budget Status Report and Discussion
3.11. Consideration of 2013-14 KHSAA Audit Report
4. Team Sports Items
4.1. Discuss Football Bracket Rotation per Realignment Discussion (5A, 6A)
4.2. Discuss Information from Baseball Pitch Count Seminar
4.3. Discuss Possible Changes in Baseball Tournament Format
5. Individual Sports Items
5.1. Confirm 2016 State Track and Field Site
6. Sport Activity Items
6.1. Confirm State Bowling Site
6.2. Confirm State Archery Dates and Site
6.3. Discuss State Fishing Site
7. Constitution and Bylaws Issues
7.1. Review of Years - Due Process Procedure
8. Reports and Information Regarding Ongoing Operations
8.1. Discuss Season Review Task Force
8.2. Discuss Bylaws and Constitution Review Task Force
8.3. Review Court Cases - Virginia, California
8.4. KHSAA Centennial/100th Anniversary
9. Board of Control Consideration of Correspondence to Issue or Policy Changes/Revisions