Christian County
October 19, 2023 6:00 PM
Regular Board Meeting
1. Swearing-in Ceremony for Student Board Members, Jesslyn Sharkey and Kylie Batts, by Jack Lackey, School Board Attorney
2. Kentucky Safe Schools Week - Proclamation
3. Recognitions:
3.1. CCPS “ALL IN” Student and Employees of the Month:
3.1.1. Julian Weston – Student of the Month, Millbrooke Elementary
3.1.2. Stephanie Allnutt - Elementary Teacher of the Month, Crofton Elementary
3.1.3. Meagan Sallee - Secondary Teacher of the Month, Christian County Middle
3.1.4. Christie Latta - Classified Employee of the Month, Freedom Elementary
3.1.5. Tina Jarrett & Felicia Chapman - Administrators of the Month, Inspire Early Learning Academy
3.1.6. A Special thank you to Tom Bell State Farm Insurance for being our “ALL IN” Sponsor for October 2023
3.2. Kentucky High Attendance Day Winners for Christian County:
3.2.1. Millbrooke Elementary 95.44%
3.2.2. Christian County Middle 95.67%
3.2.3. Hopkinsville High 93.29%
4. CCPS Mission Statement read by Student Board Member Jesslyn Sharkey, Invocation, Pledge, and Call to Order (Pledge of Allegiance led by Julian Weston, student at Millbrooke Elementary School)
5. Approval of Agenda
6. Communications:
6.1. Visitors and Open Forum
6.2. Presentations:
6.2.1. New Christian County High School Construction Update; Tim Geegan, Alliance Corporation
6.2.2. Finance Update; Jessica Darnell, Director of Finance
6.2.3. Committee Reports
6.2.4. Other
6.3. Other
7. Discussion/Approval Selection of Board Member to Serve on 2024-2025 Calendar Committee; Dr. Melanie Barrett, Director of Pupil Personnel
8. Discussion/Approval Bus Driver Incentive Program; Chris Bentzel, Superintendent and Mike Brumley, Director of Transportation
9. Discussion/Approval of Bid to Purchase Weapon Detection Systems for Christian County Middle School and Hopkinsville Middle School; Dr. Jason Wilson, District Technology Director and Jessica Darnell, Director of Finance
10. Discussion/Approval to Award Bid to Performance Commissioning Agency in the Amount of $83,340.00 for Commissioning Services for the New Christian County High School Project; Dr. Jason Wilson, District Technology Coordinator
11. Discussion/Approval KETS 1st Offer of Assistance in the Amount of $85,814.00 for the Education Technology Funding Program; Dr. Jason Wilson, District Technology Coordinator
12. Discussion/Approval Payment Application Number Two (2) in the Amount of $382,241.31 to Alliance Corporation for the New Christian County High School Project; Jessica Darnell, Director of Finance
13. Discussion/Acceptance of the Resignation of Tiffany Mumford Brame as a Member of the Christian County Board of Education
14. Discussion/Declaration of Vacancy in the District 2 Board Member Position, Authorizing the Superintendent to Advertise and Post a Notice of the Vacancy in Accordance with KRS 160.190, Board Policy 01.3, and other Applicable Law
15. Consent Agenda:
15.1. Financial Matters:
15.1.1. Approval of Monthly Financial Reports and Authorize Payment of Bills
15.1.2. Other
15.2. Approval of Minutes of Regular Board Meeting held September 21, 2023; Special Board Meeting held September 27, 2023; and Special Board Meeting held October 5, 2023
15.3. Approval School Related Trip Requests
15.4. Approval School Related Fund Raiser Requests
15.5. Approval for Hopkinsville High School Cheer to Begin a Booster Club
15.6. Discussion/Approval Non-Resident Tuition for Out of State Employee’s Children for 2024-2025
15.7. Approval 2022-2024 Family Resource and Youth Service Centers School District Assurance Certificate
15.8. Approval Shortened School Day Request
15.9. Approval Shortened School Day Request
15.10. Approval Shortened School Week Request
15.11. Approval Shortened School Week Request
15.12. Ratification of the Awarding and Execution of the Contracts with each Contractor for the Construction of the New Christian County High School
15.13. Acknowledgment Receipt of Month One (1) Attendance
15.14. Acknowledgement Receipt of Personnel Matters/Reports
15.15. Approval Superintendent Contracted Day Calendar
15.16. Approval Christian County Public School’s Lau Plan 2023-2024
15.17. Establish Next Regular Board Meeting/Workshop on November 2, 2023 and Regular Board Meeting for November 16, 2023, 6:00 P.M. in the Board Room at the Central Office
15.18. Other
16. Individual Board Member and Superintendent Comments and Concerns
17. Closed session for the purpose of the discussion and deliberation of the following: Proposed or Pending Litigation KRS 61.810 (1) {c}; Future Acquisition or Sale of Real Property- the Public Discussion of which might affect the value of the Property Considered for Acquisition or Sale- under KRS 61.810(1)(b); Preliminary Discussions Relating to the Evaluation of the Superintendent Pursuant to KRS 156.557(6)(c) and KRS 61.810(1)(k).
18. Exit Closed Session
19. Adjournment