Woodford County
February 06, 2020 5:00 PM
Special Called Meeting - Work Session
I. Call to Order Special Called Meeting
II. Roll Call
III. Work Session: Data Review Discussion
IV. Regular Agenda
IV.A. Approve Community Forum Location and Flyer
IV.B. Request that superintendent, as statutory professional advisor in all matters to the Board of Education, create for consideration by the Board of Education not later than February 11, 2020, a prioritization of educational programs and services with budgetary implications breaking that prioritization into not fewer than three (3) subsets: 1) expenditures for educational programs and services mandated to be provided by Federal law (statutes and regulations) and/or State law (statutes and regulations); 2) necessary supplemental expenditures needed to implement mandated educational programs and services; and 3) educational programs and services that have been discretionally provided for enrolled students in the Woodford County Schools
V. Discussion Items
V.A. Graduation Date
VI. Superintendent Formative Evaluation
VII. Motion to go into Executive Session if needed Pursuant to KRS 61.810 (1) (b) or KRS 61.810 (1) (c) or KRS 61.810 (1) (f) or 61.810 (1) (k)
VIII. Motion to return from Executive Session Pursuant to KRS 61.810 (1) (b) or KRS 61.810 (1) (c) or KRS 61.810 (1) (f)or 61.810 (1) (k)
IX. Adjourn