Walton-Verona Independent
August 26, 2021 7:00 PM
Board of Education Regular Meeting
I. Routine Business
I.A. Call to Order
I.B. Pledge of Allegiance
I.C. Roll Call
I.D. Approval of the Agenda
II. Informational Items
II.A. Spotlight Report - New Employees
II.B. Audience of Citizens
II.C. Principals/ECC/Bridge Report
II.D. Construction Report
II.E. Attendance/Enrollment Report
II.F. Teacher Representatives for Certified Evaluation Plan Appeals Committee
II.G. Superintendent's Expense Report - July 2021
II.H. Personnel
II.I. Other
III. Recommended Board Motions
III.A. Approval of the Minutes for July 22, 2021
III.B. Approval of Minutes for August 5, 2021
III.C. Approval of the Treasurer's Report
III.D. Approval of the Orders of the Treasurer (bills)
III.E. Approval of Tax Rates for Boone County properties in WV District for 2021-22 (rate to be lowered)
III.F. Approval of Tax Rates for Kenton County properties in WV District for 2021-22 (rate to be lowered)
III.G. Approval of the Unaudited Annual Financial Report (AFR)
III.H. Approval of FY22 School Donation
III.I. Approval of a Resolution relating to Quarantine Leave during the 2021-22 School Year pursuant to 702 KAR 1:191E
III.J. Approval of an additional Instructional Assistant position at the Early Childhood Center
III.K. Approval of Memorandum of Understanding between Kentucky Incentives for Prevention and Walton-Verona Independent Schools to participate in the 2021 Student Survey
III.L. Approval of Field Trips
III.M. Approval of Rob Hartman as Board Representative for Certified Evaluation Plan Appeals Committee
III.N. Approval of Caitlyn Sullivan as alternate Board Representative for Certified Evaluation Plan Appeals Committee
III.O. Acknowledgment receipt of the Superintendent's personnel actions regarding FMLA leave (see Personnel - employee #1377)
III.P. Approval to enter into executive session under pursuant to KRS 156.557(6)(c) and KRS 61.878(1)(k)- preliminary discussions relating to the evaluation of the superintendent and pursuant to KRS 61.810(1)(f)
III.Q. Approval to return to open session
III.R. Superintendent Evaluation Results
III.S. Approval to strike "In addition, the Superintendent shall also receive any additional percentage increases or bonuses approved by the Board for any other district employees" from item 4 on the proposed Superintendent's contract
III.T. Approval to add "Should the Superintendent exercise his right to terminate his contract prior to June 30, 2026 pursuant to KRS 161.780(1), he agrees to pay the Board $100,000 contemporaneously with his notice of termination." as item 6 D in the proposed Superintendent's contract
III.U. Approval to add "Superintendent shall establish his and his family's residence within the boundaries of the Walton-Verona Independent School District throughout the term of his contract." as line item 8 in the proposed Superintendent's contract.
III.V. Approval of Superintendent's Contract
III.W. Adjournment