Walton-Verona Independent
April 29, 2021 7:00 PM
Board of Education Regular Meeting
I. Routine Business
I.A. Call to Order
I.B. Pledge of Allegiance
I.C. Roll Call
I.D. Approval of the Agenda
II. Informational Items
II.A. Principals/ECC/Bridge Report
II.B. Construction Report
II.C. Participation/Enrollment Report
II.D. Superintendent's Expense Report - March 2021
II.E. Personnel
II.F. Summer Blitz Update
II.G. Field Trips
II.H. Other
II.I. Audience of Citizens
III. Recommended Board Motions
III.A. Approval of the Minutes - March 25, 2021
III.B. Approval of the Treasurer's Report
III.C. Approval of the Orders of the Treasurer (bills)
III.D. Approval of 2021-22 Salary Schedule - Option A
III.E. Approval of 2021-22 Salary Schedule - Option B
III.F. Approval of Tuition Rate for 2021-22
III.G. Approval of ESSER II Assurances
III.H. Approval of Independent Auditor's Contract for Fiscal Year 2020-2021
III.I. Approval of BG1 for Walton-Verona Elementary - Paving 2021
III.J. Approval of Pay Application 3 for Riegler Blacktop, Inc. – Walton-Verona Track and Field – Phase 2
III.K. Approval of BG4 for Walton-Verona High School – RTU Relocation
III.L. Approval of BG4 for Walton-Verona Track and Field - Phase 2
III.M. Approval of BG4 for Walton-Verona Athletic Complex – Paving 2020
III.N. Approval of 2021-22 District Code of Conduct
III.O. Approval of Application of Waiver of Subsection 1 and 4 of 702 KAR 7:125 Related to Pupil Attendance
III.P. Approval of District Professional Development Plan
III.Q. Approval of Surplus Bid Results and Recommendations
III.R. Approval of 2021 Senior Dinner Dance Contract with Receptions
III.S. Approval of FY21 School Bus Purchase Authorization
III.T. Adjournment