Trigg County
July 08, 2021 6:00 PM
Regular Meeting
I. Call to Order
I.A. Vision and Mission Statements
I.B. Public Participation in Open Meetings - 01.421
II. Approval of Agenda
II.A. Review of Consent Agenda
III. Good News
IV. Delegations & Recognitions
V. Reports
V.A. Superintendent's Report
V.B. Staff Reports
V.B.1. Director of Curriculum and Instruction
V.B.2. Director of Student Services and Personnel
VI. Consent Agenda
VI.A. Approval of Minutes
VI.B. Acknowledge the Following Superintendent's Personnel Actions
VI.C. Approve and authorize payment of the items set out in the listed accounts payable warrant reports
VI.D. School Related Student Trips
VI.D.1. Boy's Soccer
VI.E. Approval of Annual Contract Renewals or Renewal MOA's for Services
VI.E.1. Ident-A-Kid
VI.E.2. Crittenden County
VI.E.4. Cadiz Record Advertising
VI.F. Approval of New Contracts or MOA's
VI.G. Approval of declaration that all schools in Trigg County Public School District are in compliance with all of the 2021-2022 District Funding Assurances (state and federal) as reflected in the District Funding Assurances Document
VI.H. Approval of School Wide Fundraisers for TCHS
VI.I. Approve Application for Community Eligibility Program for Trigg County Public Schools Food Service
VI.K. School and Community Nutrition Agreement
VI.L. Fuel Vendor
VII. Other Business
VII.A. PayApp #20
VII.B. Change Order #31
VII.C. Change Order #32
VII.D. Change Order #33
VII.E. Change Order #34
VII.F. Change Order #35
VII.G. Approval of Owner/Architect Contract for Trigg County Bus Garage and Tanks
VII.H. Approval of Owner/Architect Contract for Trigg County Multipurpose Building and Pressbox
VII.I. Approval of Owner/Architect Contract for Trigg County Trigg County Middle School Roof and Entrances
VII.J. Approval of full-time Athletic Director at the high school funded by High School SBDM
VII.K. Approve BG4 on Gas Piping Project
VII.L. Changes to Rotary Scholar criteria
VII.M. School Security Funds
VIII. Adjournment - Time