Trigg County
June 24, 2021 6:00 PM
Regular Meeting
I. Call to Order
I.A. Vision and Mission Statements
I.B. Public Participation in Open Meetings - 01.421
II. Approval of Agenda
II.A. Review of Consent Agenda
III. Motion to Go Into Executive Session per KRS 61.810 - Time
IV. Motion to Adjourn Executive Session - Time
V. Action (if any) Related to Executive Session
VI. Good News
VII. Delegations & Recognitions
VIII. Reports
VIII.A. Superintendent's Report
VIII.B. Staff Reports
VIII.B.1. Chief Financial Officer
IX. Consent Agenda
IX.A. Approval of Minutes
IX.B. Acknowledge the Following Superintendent's Personnel Actions
IX.C. Approve and authorize payment of the items set out in the listed accounts payable warrant reports
IX.D. Approval of Annual Contract Renewals or Renewal MOA's for Services
IX.D.2. Schoolpointe
IX.D.3. n2y
IX.E. Approval of New Contracts or MOA's
IX.E.1. Learning without Tears
IX.E.2. Boom Learning
IX.F. ARP ESSER Assurances
IX.G. Set bid opening date and time for District Tire Needs
IX.H. Authorize superintendent to sign contract with Fowler Bell Law Firm for the services of Teresa Combs.
IX.I. Surplus Hospital Beds
IX.J. Waive Board Policy 02.4242 to allow the SBDM Council for Trigg County Primary, Intermediate, Middle, and High School to carryforward more than 10% of SBDM funds for use during the 2021-22 school year
X. Other Business
X.A. Award Contract for Required Classified Employee Physicals and Bus Driver Physicals
X.B. Approve Fuel and Diesel Vendors for FY 2020
X.C. Second reading and approval of Board Policy revisions for FY 2022
X.D. Acknowledge Review of New/Revised Administrative Procedures
X.E. GASB 54
X.F. Approval of the continuation of Bond of Treasurer for Holly Greene in the amount of $350,000 through RLI
X.G. Approval of Pledge of Collateral Agreement.
X.H. Change Order #30
X.I. Declare Fuel Pump Project as Emergency
X.J. Chromebook RFP
X.K. School Fee Approval
X.L. BG1 for TCMS Roofing and Entryway Project for Middle School
X.M. BG1 for Multi Purpose Building and Press Box
XI. Adjournment - Time