Trigg County
May 27, 2021 6:00 PM
Regular Meeting
I. Call to Order
I.A. Vision and Mission Statements
I.B. Public Participation in Open Meetings - 01.421
II. Approval of Agenda
II.A. Review of Consent Agenda
III. Good News
IV. Delegations & Recognitions
V. Reports
V.A. Middle School Principal Report
V.B. Superintendent's Report
V.B.1. Upcoming Events
V.C. Staff Reports
V.C.1. Director of Curriculum and Instruction
V.C.2. Director of Student Services and Personnel
V.C.3. Chief Financial Officer
V.C.4. Director of Operations
VI. Consent Agenda
VI.A. Approval of Minutes
VI.B. Acknowledge the Following Superintendent's Personnel Actions
VI.C. Approve and authorize payment of the items set out in the listed accounts payable warrant reports
VI.D. School Related Student Trips
VI.D.3. HS Girls Basketball
VI.E. Approval of Annual Contract Renewals or Renewal MOA's for Services
VI.E.1. Mystery Science
VI.E.2. Method Test Prep
VI.F. Approval of New Contracts or MOA's
VI.G. KETS Offer
VI.H. Approval to apply for the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief (GEER) II Funding Grant
VI.I. Set Bid Opening Date for Bus Driver and Classified Employee Physicals
VI.J. Set Fuel (Gasoline and Diesel) Bid Opening for June 21, 2021 at 3:00 PM at the Trigg County Board of Education at 202 Main Street, Cadiz, KY
VI.K. Approval of School's Activity Fund Budget for 2021-22
VII. Other Business
VII.A. Budget
VII.B. Change Order #27
VII.C. Change Order #28
VII.D. Change Order #29
VII.E. Pay App #19
VII.F. First Reading of Changes to the 2021-2022 Code of Conduct
VII.G. First Reading of revised Board Policy 08.113 Adjust the minimum credits for graduation for Harbor Academy Virtual Students
VII.H. Reorganize High School Football Stipends
VII.I. Workers Compensation Insurance
VII.J. Consider/take appropriate action regarding General Liability, Fleet, Property, Earthquake, and Errors & Omissions Insurance and Umbrella Coverage Insurance for 2021-2022 school year
VII.K. SB 128
VII.L. Approve stipend
VII.M. Board Architect
VII.N. Appoint board representation for Spirit Card Committee
VIII. Motion to Go Into Executive Session per KRS 61.810 - Time
IX. Motion to Adjourn Executive Session - Time
X. Action (if any) Related to Executive Session
XI. Adjournment - Time