Trigg County
January 23, 2020 6:00 PM
Regular Meeting
I. Call to Order
I.A. Delegations & Recognitions
I.A.1. High School Athletics
I.A.2. Anna Merrick-National Board Certification
I.A.3. School Board Recognition
I.B. Recess for the purpose of visiting the High School for Exhibition Night
I.C. Reconvene
I.D. Vision and Mission Statements
I.E. Public Participation in Open Meetings - 01.421
II. Approval of Agenda
II.A. Questions from Board Members
II.B. Review of Consent Agenda
III. Good News
IV. Recess of meeting to hold meeting of the Trigg County School District Finance Corporation
V. Resume meeting of the Board of Education
VI. Treasurer's Report
VII. Reports
VII.A. Superintendent's Report
VII.B. Staff Reports
VII.B.1. Assistant Superintendent of Instruction
VII.B.2. Director of Student Services and Personnel
VII.C. Director of Student Services and Personnel
VII.D. Director of Operations
VII.E. Director of Food Service
VII.F. Director of Special Education
VII.G. Chief Financial Officer Report
VIII. Consent Agenda
VIII.A. Approval of Minutes
VIII.B. Acknowledge the Following Superintendent's Personnel Actions
VIII.B.1. Personnel
VIII.C. Approve and authorize payment of the items set out in the listed accounts payable warrant reports
VIII.C.1. Warrant
IX. Other Business
IX.A. Review the draft budget.
IX.B. Approval of Christian County Non-resident Contract
IX.C. 2020-2021 Calendar Considerations
IX.D. Acknowledge review of the recommendation of the School Nutrition & Physical Activity Plan for Trigg County Schools
IX.E. Payment Authorization #3 for Project SCB-1853 BG #19-066
IX.F. Payment Authorization #4 for Project Number 2018031 BG#18-399
IX.G. Approval of Change Order Number 1 for BG #19-066
X. Approval of Superintendent's 30-60-90 Day Plan
XI. Approval of Superintendent's Professional Growth Plan
XII. Board Member Reports
XII.A. Ms. Hyde
XII.B. Ms. Sheehan
XII.C. Ms. Allen
XII.D. Ms. Rufli
XII.E. Ms. Harper
XIII. Motion to Go Into Executive Session per KRS 61.810 - Time
XIII.A. Executive session for discussions that might lead to deliberations on the future acquisition or sale of real property by a public agency, but only when publicity would be likely to affect the value of the specific piece of property to be acquired for public use or sold by public agency (KRS 61.810(1)(b))and for discussions that might lead to the discipline, or dismissal of an individual student without restricting that student's right to a public hearing if requested. This exception shall not be interpreted to permit discussion of general personnel matters in secret(KRS 61.810(1)(f))
XIV. Motion to Adjourn Executive Session - Time
XV. Action (if any) Related to Executive Session
XVI. Adjournment - Time