Trigg County
October 10, 2019 6:00 PM
Regular Meeting
I. Call to Order
I.A. Vision and Mission Statements
I.B. Public Participation in Open Meetings - 01.421
II. Approval of Agenda
II.A. Questions from Board Members
II.B. Review of Consent Agenda
II.C. Other Issues
III. Good News
IV. Delegations & Recognitions
IV.A. Gatton Academy Plaque
V. Treasurer's Report
VI. Reports by Principals
VI.A. High School Report
VI.B. Middle School Report
VI.C. Intermediate School Report
VI.D. Primary School Report
VII. Reports
VII.A. Superintendent's Report
VII.A.1. Schools' Financial Reports
VII.A.2. Director's Quarterly Report
VII.A.2.a. Assistant Superintendent of Instruction
VII.A.2.b. Director of Student Services and Personnel
VII.A.2.c. Director of Operations
VII.A.2.d. Chief Information Officer
VII.A.2.e. Food Service Director
VII.A.2.f. Transportation Director
VII.A.2.g. Chief Financial Officer
VII.A.3. Upcoming Events
VII.A.4. Screening Commitee
VII.B. Staff Reports
VII.B.1. Assistant Superintendent of Instruction
VII.B.2. Director of Student Services and Personnel
VII.B.3. Transportation Director Report
VIII. Consent Agenda
VIII.A. Approval of Minutes
VIII.B. Acknowledge the Following Superintendent's Personnel Actions
VIII.C. Leave of Absence
VIII.D. Approve and authorize payment of the items set out in the listed accounts payable warrant reports
VIII.D.1. Warrant 9/25/19
VIII.D.2. 10/10/19 Warrant
VIII.E. School Related Student Trips
VIII.E.1. TCHS Wrestling Team to Harpeth, TN December 7,2019
VIII.E.2. TCHS Wrestling Team to McGavock, TN on December 13,2019.
VIII.E.3. TCHS Wrestling Team to McGavock, TN on December 14,2019.
VIII.E.4. TCHS Wrestling Team overnight trip to Father Ryan High School in Nashville, TN January 3-4,2020.
VIII.E.5. TCHS Wrestling Team will travel to Hendersonville, TN January 11,2020.
VIII.E.6. TCHS Wrestling Team will travel overnight to Fort Knox or Lindsey Wilson January 24-25,2020.
VIII.E.7. TCHS Wrestling Team will travel overnight to Horse Park in Lexington, KY February 13,14,15,16,2020.
VIII.E.8. TCHS HOSA Club overnight to Crowne Plaza in Lexington, KY October 27-28,2019.
VIII.F. Staff Travel Requests (Out of State)
VIII.G. Approval of Annual Contract Renewals or Renewal MOA's for Services
VIII.H. Approval of New Contracts or MOA's
VIII.I. BrainPop
VIII.J. Apply to KDE for Emergency Certification for High School Science Vacancy
VIII.K. Total ID Solution
VIII.L. Screencastify, LLC
VIII.M. Arbiter Pay
VIII.N. MOA with Trigg Co. Historical Society
VIII.O. Amend MOU with Crittenden County Public Schools for Teacher of the Visually Impaired for 2019-20
VIII.P. Acknowledge commitment to serve as fiscal agent for KY ASAP
VIII.Q. Playground Fencing
VIII.R. Moby Max
IX. Other Business
IX.A. Bus Purchase
IX.B. KSBA Scholarship selection
X. Board Member Reports
X.A. Ms. Hyde
X.B. Ms. Sheehan
X.C. Ms. Allen
X.D. Ms. Rufli
X.E. Ms. Harper
XI. Motion to Go Into Executive Session per KRS 61.810 - Time
XII. Motion to Adjourn Executive Session - Time
XIII. Action (if any) Related to Executive Session
XIV. Adjournment - Time