Scott County
January 18, 2018 6:30 PM
Regular Monthly Meeting (#2)
1. Call to Order
2. Welcome
3. Agenda Approval
4. School Board Member Recognition
5. Public Comment
6. Consent Agenda
6.A. Minutes for Regular Board Meeting #26 (December 14, 2017)
6.B. Minutes for the First Meeting of 2018 - Meeting #1 (January 4, 2018)
6.C. Common Carrier
6.C.a. Approve the use of common carrier services (Bluegrass Tours) to provide transportation for Eastern Elementary fifth grade students to and from the Great American Ballpark, Cincinnati, OH, 04/13/18
6.C.b. Approve the use of common carrier services (Wombles Transportation) to provide transportation for Southern Elementary School's first grade students to and from the Louisville Zoo, 05/08/18
6.C.c. Approve the use of common carrier services (Bluegrass Tours Charter Bus) to provide transportation for the SCHS Swim & Dive Team members to and from the Regional tournament in Barbourville, KY, 02/09/18
6.D. Fundraisers
6.D.a. Anne Mason Elementary School PTA-Fazoli's Dine to Donate, 02/14/18
6.D.b. Anne Mason Elementary School PTA-Spring Carnival, 03/30/18
6.D.c. Eastern Elementary School-Primary Talent Show, 03/08/18
6.E. Leave Requests
6.F. Personnel Report
6.G. Energy Report
6.H. Field Trip Report
7. Construction Report
8. Construction Partnership Program-Mr. Steve Jones, CPP Administrator
9. Student Achievement Report
10. Review School Improvement Plans
11. Approve Achievement Gaps Targets
12. Approve Non-Resident Contract for 2018-19 School Year with Barren County School District
13. Ratify the Creation of One (1) Special Education Paraeducator at RSMS
14. Approve the Creation of a Teacher Position at Eastern Elementary School
15. Approve New Point of Service System for Nutrition Services
16. Approval to Accept a $250.00 Grant from Kentucky Arts Council on behalf of Southern Elementary
17. Donation of Funds for Playground Equipment
18. Declare Items for Surplus (Maintenance)
19. Accept and Approve the bid for the FY19 Farm Trade Agreement
20. Approve BG-4's-FY12 Summer Projects
21. Approve a Request for a "Finding" to Update our District Facility Plan
22. Approve Out of District Travel & Expenses for Board Members and the Superintendent to attend the KSBA Annual Conference, March 2-4, 2018 in Louisville, KY
23. Approve Offer of Assistance from School Facilities Construction Commission
24. Review Draft Budget for FY19
25. Financial Statement
26. Approve Current Bills
27. Review and Approval of Monthly Expenses of the Superintendent
28. Superintendent's Report
29. Board Comments
30. Adjournment