Scott County
August 31, 2017 6:30 PM
Regular Monthly Meeting (#17b)
1. Call to Order
2. Welcome
3. Agenda Approval
4. Recess Regular Monthly Meeting Convene the Scott County School District Finance Corporation Meeting
5. Reconvene to Regular Session
6. Public Comment
7. Consent Agenda
7.A. Minutes for Regular Monthly Meeting#15 (July 27, 2017)
7.B. Minutes for the Work Session#16 (August 17, 2017)
7.C. Common Carrier
7.C.a. Approve the use of common carrier services (Wise Motor Coach) to provide transportation for the SCHS Band to and from Orlando, Florida, April 3-7, 2018
7.D. Fundraisers
7.D.a. Anne Mason Elementary PTA-Scholastic Book Fair, 03/19/18-03/23/18
7.D.b. Anne Mason Elementary PTA-Elf Shelf Holiday Shop and Supper with Santa, 12/04/17-12/08/17
7.D.c. Anne Mason Elementary PTA-Winter Wonderland Dance, 01/26/18
7.D.d. Anne Mason Elementary PTA-Yankee Candles Fall Fundraiser, 10/09/17-12/10/17
7.D.e. Garth Elementary PTO-Santa's Workshop, 12/04/17-12/08/17
7.D.f. Garth Elementary PTO-Box Tops, 08/11/17-06/01/18
7.D.g. Garth PTO-School Apparel, 09/01/17-05/30/18
7.D.h. Garth PTO-Carnival, 10/20/17
7.D.i. Garth Elementary PTO-Fall Fundraiser, 09/27/17-10/16/17
7.D.j. Georgetown Middle School PTSO-Box Tops, 09/01/17-06/01/18
7.D.k. Georgetown Middle School PTSO-Back 2 School Bash, 09/08/17
7.D.l. Georgetown Middle School PTSO-Krispy Kreme, 09/18/17-09/29/17
7.D.m. Georgetown Middle School PTSO-Halloween Bash, 10/26/17
7.D.n. Georgetown Middle School-Yearbooks, 09/01/17-06/05/18
7.D.o. Lemons Mill Elementary PTA-Veterans Day Car Show, 11/11/17
7.D.p. Lemons Mill Elementary School PTA-Chic-fil-A Spirit Week, 11/06/17-11/11/17
7.D.q. Lemons Mill Elementary School PTA-Bojangles' Dine to Donate Night, 02/13/18, 5-8 PM
7.D.r. Lemons Mill Elementary PTA-Lifetouch Pictures, October 20, 2017
7.D.s. Northern Elementary-Fall Pictures, 09/06/17
7.D.t. Northern Elementary-Fall Book Fair, 11/13/17-11/17/17
7.D.u. Northern Elementary-Spring Book Fair, 02/26/18-03/02/18
7.D.v. Northern Elementary-Spring Pictures, 04/10/18
7.D.w. Northern Elementary-Yearbooks, 08/31/17-04/30/18
7.D.x. Scott County Middle School-School Book Fair (Scholastic), 09/11/17-09/15/17
7.D.y. Scott County Middle School-School Book Fair (Scholastic), 11/27/17-12/01/17
7.D.z. Scott County Middle School-School Book Fair (Scholastic), 04/23/18-04/27/18
7.D.aa. Scott County Preschool-Scholastic Book Fair, 10/23/17-10/27/17 and 03/19/18-03/23/18 Scott County Preschool-Strawbridge School Pictures, 10/12/17 & 03/26/18-03/27/18 Southern Elementary-Fall Book Fair, 09/14/17-09/21/17
7.D.dd. Southern Elementary-Spring Book Fair, 03/07/18-03/15/18 Southern Elementary-Yearbooks, 10/01/17-03/31/18
7.E. Leave Requests
7.F. Personnel Report
7.G. Energy Report
7.H. Field Trip Report
7.I. Donation Reports for FY2017
8. Levy the Real Estate and Tangible Property Tax Rates for School Year 2017-2018
9. Taxation of Recreational and Non-Commercial Aircraft and Non-Commercial Out of State or Coast Guard Registered Watercraft
10. Levy the 2018 Motor Vehicle and Watercraft Property Tax Rate
11. Approve Bid for Code Required Special Inspections and Quality Control Inspections
12. Revise the BG-1 for Great Crossing High School
13. Hire Architect for the New Elementary School
14. Approve the New BG-1 for the New Elementary School Project
15. Revise 2017-2018 School Fees
16. Create/Ratify two (2) Special Education Paraeducator Positions at SCHS and one (1) Special Education Paraeducator Position at LME and one (1) Instructional Assistant at AME
17. Approve Facility Use Agreement Between Georgetown College and Scott County Board of Education
18. Approve Clinical Services Contract with Kentucky Children's Hospital (University of Kentucky Health Care) For the Beautiful Mind Initiative
19. Approve Service Agreement with Spectrum to Relocate Fiber to Great Crossing High School
20. Declare Assets to be Surplus (Buses)
21. Review Best Practice Recommendations by KSBA- 2017 Procedure Update (#21) and additional Procedure and Revisions
22. Review & Second Reading of Best Practice Recommendations by KSBA-2017 Policy Update (#40) and additional Policy Revisions
23. Set a Special Called Board Meeting, Saturday, September 16, 8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. at ECS
24. Approve Committed Funds as of June 30, 2017
25. Elect effective October 1, 2017, a Treasurer for the Board
26. Bond of Treasurer and Finance Officer
27. Authorized Signor on Scott County Board of Education Bank Accounts
28. Bond Paying Agent for Series 2017 Bond Issue
29. Authorized Scott County Board of Education Signors with Regard to the Bond Paying Agent
30. Financial Statement
31. Approve Current Bills
32. Student Achievement Report
33. Construction Report
34. Review and Approval of Monthly Expenses of the Superintendent
35. Superintendent's Report
36. Board Comments
37. Executive Session Pursuant to KRS 61.810(1)(c)
38. Reconvene to Regular Session
39. Authorize appeal of Clay v. Scott County Board of Education to Kentucky Supreme Court
40. Adjournment