Scott County
July 27, 2017 6:30 PM
Regular Monthly Meeting #15
1. Call to Order
2. Welcome
3. Agenda Approval
4. Public Comment
5. Consent Agenda
5.A. Minutes for Regular Monthly Board Meeting #13 (June 15, 2017)
5.B. Minutes for the Work Session #14 (July 6, 2017)
5.C. Common Carrier
5.C.a. Approve the use of common carrier services (Blue Grass Tours) to provide transportation for the Scott County High School Football Team
5.D. Fundraisers
5.D.a. Anne Mason Elementary-Joseph Beth Book Store, 03/12/18-03/16/18
5.D.b. Anne Mason Elementary-FUND 21-Student Pictures (Fall), 09/01/17-09/30/17
5.D.c. Anne Mason Elementary-FUND 21-Student Pictures (Spring) 03/01/18-03/30/18
5.D.d. Anne Mason Elementary PTA-T-shirt Sales, 09/01/17-09/29/17, 01/01/18-01/31/18
5.D.e. Anne Mason Elementary-PTA-Scholastic Book Fair, 09/08/17-09/15/17
5.D.f. Anne Mason Elementary-FUND 21-Yearbooks, 02/01/18-02/28/18
5.D.g. Eastern Elementary PTA-School House Champions 5K Race, 04/21/18
5.D.h. Eastern Elementary PTA-Sweet Surprises/Fund Pass, 04/09/18-04/20/18
5.D.i. Eastern Elementary PTA-Spring Book Fair Scholastic, 03/05/18-03/09/18
5.D.j. Eastern Elementary PTA-Valentine Dance, 02/09/18
5.D.k. Eastern Elementary PTA-Lil Shoppers Shop, 11/27/17-12/01/17
5.D.l. Eastern Elementary PTA-Chick-Fil-A, 10/16/17-10/20/17
5.D.m. Eastern Elementary PTA-Fall Carnival at Evans Orchard, 09/22/17
5.D.n. Eastern Elementary PTA-Fall Book Fair, 09/15/17-09/22/17
5.D.o. Eastern Elementary PTA-Yankee Candle Fall Fundraiser, 09/05/17-12/15/17
5.D.p. Eastern Elementary PTA-Spirit Wear, 09/22/17-05/31/18
5.D.q. Eastern Elementary PTA-Kroger Community Rewards, 08/10/17-05/31/18
5.D.r. Eastern Elementary PTA-Film Raiser, 08/10/17-05/31/18
5.D.s. Eastern Elementary PTA-Pictures & Yearbooks, 08/29/17, 03/07/18, Yearbook Presale-January 2017-end of the school year
5.D.t. Garth Elementary-School Pictures, 09/05/17 & 10/17/17
5.D.u. Garth Elementary-Scholastic books (Fall & Spring) 03/09/17-03/17/17 and 10/27/17-11/14/17
5.D.v. Garth Elementary-Yearbook Sales, 01/05/18-05/25/18
5.D.w. Lemons Mill Elementary-Scholastic Book Fair, 09/18/17-09/22/17
5.D.x. Lemons Mill Elementary PTA-School House Champions 5K, 04/01/18-04/30/18
5.D.y. Lemons Mill Elementary PTA-Giving Tree Holiday Shop, 12/01/2017-12/30/17
5.D.z. Lemons Mill Elementary PTA-Spirit Cards, 08/01/17-09/30/17
5.D.aa. Lemons Mill Elementary PTA-Spirit Wear, 08/10/17-05/30/18 Lemons Mill Elementary PTA-Bi-Water Farm Fall Festival, 10/20/17, Rain Date 10/21/17 Lemons Mill Elementary PTA-Barnes & Noble Book Fair, 12/02/17
5.D.dd. Lemons Mill Elementary PTA-Cattleman's Roadhouse Dine to Donate, 09/14/17 Lemons Mill Elementary PTA-BW3's Dine To Donate, 12/13/17
5.D.ff. Northern Elementary PTA-Kroger Rewards Program, 08/01/17-06/30/18 Northern Elementary PTA-Build the Nest, 08/01/17-06/30/18
5.D.hh. Northern Elementary PTA-Spirit Sales, 08/10/17-06/30/18
5.D.ii. Northern Elementary PTA-T-shirt sales, 08/01/17-05/30/18
5.D.jj. Northern Elementary PTA-Fall Carnival, 09/01/17-10/31/17
5.D.kk. Stamping Ground Elementary PTO-Booster-thon Fun Run, 08/15/17-09/15/17
5.D.ll. Stamping Ground Elementary-Grandparents Day, 09/11/17-09/15/17 Stamping Ground Elementary PTO-Smencil Sales, 09/22/17, 09/29, 10/13, 11/10, 11/17, 12/01/17, 01/26/18, 02/02, 02/09, 04/13, 04/20 and 04/27/18
5.D.nn. Stamping Ground Elementary PTO-Fall Festival, 10/20/17 or 10/27/17
5.D.oo. Stamping Ground Elementary PTO-Holiday Hop, 12/18/17
5.D.pp. Stamping Ground Elementary PTO-Square Art One, 09/01/17-10/31/17
5.D.qq. Stamping Ground Elementary PTO-Chili Supper Auction, 03/02/18
5.D.rr. Stamping Ground Elementary PTO-T-shirts, Hoodies, and Bag Sales, 08/28/17-05/18/18 Stamping Ground Elementary PTO-Giovanni's Night, 08/17/17-05/18/18 (First Thursday of every month) Stamping Ground Elementary-Fall Pictures, 10/13/17
5.D.uu. Stamping Ground Elementary-Spring Pictures, 03/2018
5.D.vv. Stamping Ground Elementary-Spring Book Fair, 02/09/18-02/16/18
5.D.ww. Stamping Ground Elementary-Fall Book Fair, 09/08/17-09/15/17
5.D.xx. Western Elementary-Book Fair (Fall & Spring), Fall 09/11/17-09/25/17 - Spring 02/26/18-03/12/18
5.D.yy. Western Elementary-Pictures/Yearbook (Fall & Spring) Fall-08/29/17, Spring-03/06/18, Yearbook-07/01/17-06/12/18
5.D.zz. Western Elementary PTA-Spirit Cards, 09/01/17-10/01/17 Western Elementary PTA-Yard Sale, 10/14/17
5.D.bbb. Western Elementary PTA-Fall Festival, 09/29/17
5.D.ccc. Western Elementary PTA-Winter Wonderland, 11/15/17
5.D.ddd. Western Elementary PTA-Western Elementary School T-shirts, 08/11/17-06/30/18
5.D.eee. Georgetown Middle School-Scholastic Book Fair, 08/23/17-08/31/17, 12/04/17 to 12/12/17 and 4/11/18-04/20/18
5.D.fff. Georgetown Middle School-Good Faith Effort, 08/01/17-03/30/18
5.D.ggg. Georgetown Middle School-Fall Pictures, 08/18/17 & 10/13/17
5.D.hhh. Royal Spring Middle School PTSA-Tyson A+ Labels, 08/10/17-06/01/18
5.D.iii. Royal Spring Middle School PTSA- Dances, Back to School-08/25/17; Halloween-10/27/17; Winter-12/17/17, Valentine's-02/16/18 and Spring-03/23/18
5.D.jjj. Royal Spring Middle School PTSA-Kroger Community Rewards, 08/10/17-06/01/18
5.D.kkk. Royal Spring Middle School PTSA-Box Tops for Education, 08/10/17-06/01/18
5.D.lll. Royal Spring Middle School PTSA-T-shirt Sales, 08/14/17-09/01/17
5.D.mmm. Royal Spring Middle School PTSA-Coin Wars, 09/11/17-09/22/17
5.D.nnn. Royal Spring Middle School PTSA-Holiday Craft and Vendor Fair, 11/11/17 Royal Spring Middle School PTSA-Holiday Grams; Halloween-10/23/17-10/31/17, Christmas-12/06/17-12/14/17, Valentine's-02/06/18-02/14/18
5.D.ppp. Royal Spring Middle PTSA-School House Champions 5K, 04/21/18
5.D.qqq. Scott County Ninth Grade School-Lifetouch Pictures, 08/21/17
5.D.rrr. Scott County Ninth Grade School-Scholastic Book Fair, 11/27/17-12/15/17
5.D.sss. Scott County High School-Lifetouch Pictures, 08/15/17-08/31/17
5.E. Leave Requests
5.F. Personnel Report
5.G. Energy Report
5.H. Field Trip Report
6. Maintenance Department - Summer Projects Update
7. Review Annual Energy Management Report
8. Declare Items for Surplus
8.A. Surplus 1998 Maintenance Red Chevy Pick-up Truck
8.B. Surplus Old Dumpsters
8.C. Scott County High School Field Equipment
8.D. Scott County High School Daycare Materials
9. Approve the Location of the SCHS Graduation 2018-Alltech Arena at the Kentucky Horse Park
10. Appoint a SCBOE Board Member to the Georgetown Scott County Friends of the Parks Board
11. Approve MOA with KDE for Nellie Poe for the 2017-18 School Year
12. Orientation & Mobility Agreement between SCBOE & Kelly Stewart
13. Fee Changes for the After-School Program for the 2017-2018 School Year
14. University of the Cumberlands Student Teacher Agreement with SCBOE for the 2017-18 School Year
15. Morehead State University Student Teacher Agreement with SCBOE for the 2017-18 School Year
16. University of Kentucky Teacher Education Program Agreement with SCBOE for the 2017-18 School Year
17. University of Kentucky Cabinet of Health Sciences and the Graduate School Agreement with SCBOE during the 2017-2019 School Years (Two academic years)
18. Approve Changes in Authorized Bank Signor for Kentucky Bank for Northern Elementary School Activity Accounts
19. Amend 2017-18 Salary Schedule
20. Financial Statement
21. Approve Current Bills
22. Review and Approval of Monthly Expenses of the Superintendent
23. Student Achievement Report
24. Construction Report
25. Superintendent's Report
26. Board Comments
27. Adjournment