Scott County
January 05, 2017 6:30 PM
Board Meeting #2 - Work Session
1. Call to Order-The meeting was called to order by Board Chair Mr. Kevin Kidwell.
2. Welcome-Mr. Kidwell welcomed those in attendance.
3. Approve Energy Efficiency & Conservation Grant Application
4. Approve Emergency Certification for Hearing Impaired Teacher
5. Create one (1) Preschool Teacher
6. Create one (1) Preschool Paraeducator
7. Create one (1) Speech Therapist (.5 Preschool/.5 Itinerant)
8. Create one (1) Special Education Teacher at Southern Elementary
9. Approve Member(s) to Review Monthly Bills
10. Approve Member(s) to Review Monthly Superintendent Expenses
11. Approve Member(s) to Review School Calendar Options
12. Approve Member to Serve on Local Planning Committee
13. Approve Resolution to Provide Funding ($332) to KSBA to Represent the Interests of the Board before the Public Services Commission (PSC)
14. Discuss Great Crossing High School
15. Approve a Request for a "Finding" to Update our District Facility Plan
16. Revise the Great Crossing High School BG-1
17. Revise the Great Crossing High School Schematic Plan
18. Adjournment