Scott County
January 03, 2017 6:30 PM
Regular Board Meeting #1
1. Call to Order
2. Welcome
3. Public Comment
4. Reorganization of the Board
4.A. Appoint Temporary Chairman of the Board
4.B. Nominate 2017 Board Chairman
4.C. Cease Nominations and Elect 2017 Board Chairman
4.D. Nominate 2017 Vice Chairman
4.E. Cease Nominations and Elect Vice Chairman
5. Approve 2017-2019 Comprehensive District Improvement Plan for Scott County Schools
6. Approve the 2017 Board Meeting Calendar
7. Proposal for FY 2016-17 Financial Audit
8. Declare Assets to Be Surplus
9. FY17 Read to Achieve Grant Application Request
10. Approve the Non-Resident Contract with Williamstown Independent Schools
11. Executive Session Pursuant to KRS 61.810 (1)(b)to discuss property
12. Reconvene
13. Possible Action Taken Following Executive Session (if needed)
14. Adjournment