Scott County
November 17, 2016 6:30 PM
1. Call to Order
2. Welcome
3. Agenda Approval
4. Public Comment-None
5. Presentation of Fiscal 2016 Audit by Mr. George Sparks, with Barnes, Dennig & Co., LTD.
6. Discussion and approval of the Schematic Plan for Great Crossing High School
7. Consent(Minutes)
7.A. Minutes for the Regular Board Meeting #30 (09/15/16)
7.B. Minutes for Regular Board Meeting #31 (Working Budget-09/29/16)
7.C. Minutes for Special Called Work Session #32 (10/13/16)
7.D. Minutes for Regular Board Meeting #33 (10/20/16)
8. Consent Agenda
8.A. Common Carrier
8.A.a. Approve the use of common carrier services (Wombles) to provide transportation for 8th Grade Gifted and Talented students to the Louisville Actor's Theatre, December 7, 2016.
8.A.b. Approve the use of common carrier services (Blue Grass Tours) to provide transportation for SCHS Cheerleaders to and from Orlando, Florida for the National High School Cheerleading Championships, February 11-15, 2017.
8.A.c. Approve the use of common carrier services (Blue Grass Tours) to provide transportation SCHS Women's Basketball Team to and from Ducanville, Texas; The departure date is December 27, 2016 with a return date of December 30 or December 31, 2016 and is requested due to the distance of the trip.
8.A.d. Approve the use of common carrier services (Blue Grass Tours) to provide transportation for the SCHS Football Team to and from any needed post season trips to games in late November or early December 2016.
8.A.e. Approve the use of common carrier services (Blue Grass Tours) to provide transportation for SCHS Men's Basketball Team to and from the Beach Ball Classic in Myrtle Beach, SC. The team will depart December 25/26 and return December 31. The cost of these rentals will be handled in their entirety by SCHS Men's Basketball team activity account or booster club resources.
8.A.f. Approve the use of rental vehicles for SCHS Men's basketball team to the Beach Ball Classic in Myrtle Beach, SC, during the Christmas Holidays. (if needed)
8.B. Donations
8.B.a. Anne Mason-T-shirts for students and staff from White, Greer and Maggard to benefit AME students.
8.B.b. Anne Mason-$100.00 from Trinity Assembly of God to benefit the FRC Backpack Program
8.B.c. Garth-$900.00 from Garth PTO to provide assistance with transportation for classroom field trips.
8.B.d. Lemons Mill-$3,000.00 from LME PTA to be used to develop a book room, District Activity Account.
8.B.e. Stamping Ground-$400.00 from SGE PTO for assistance with the 4th Grade field trip.
8.B.f. RSMS-$400.00 from Toyota for Girls Softball
8.B.g. RSMS-$200.00 from Toyota for Girls Softball
8.B.h. RSMS-$1,273.50 from RSMS PTA to purchase six (6) Dell Chromebooks, District Activity Account.
8.B.i. SC Ninth Grade School-$138.82 from Oser Paint and Flooring for classroom accounts.
8.B.j. ECS-Incubators from Hagyard Equine Medical Institute to be used by Biomedical Science Village students for projects.
8.B.k. ECS-$500.00 from Rachel Smith Childress to benefit the Biomedical Science Village for field trip cost.
8.B.l. ECS-$235.00 each from 40 parents, for students to attend and compete at Kentucky Youth Assembly in Louisville from November 17-19.
8.B.m. SCHS Athletics-$6,000.00 from Scott County Touchdown Club, Scott County Football Coach stipend.
8.B.n. SCHS-$250.00 from Rebecca Sams for Bass Fishing Team expenses.
8.B.o. SCHS-$250.00 from Clarks Farm Mowing and Fencing for Bass Fishing Team.
8.B.p. SCHS-$100.00 from White Oak Condominium Association, benefit AFJROTC Color Guard.
8.B.q. Scott County Family Resource Youth Center-$3,060.53 from Rack Room to provide shoes to students.
8.C. Fundraisers
8.C.a. Scott County Preschool-T-shirt sales from 11/21/16-12/02/16 to raise funds for school technology and program activities.
8.C.b. Scott County Preschool-Great American Catalog Sales from 01/09/17-01/20/17 to raise funds for program activities.
8.C.c. Lemons Mills Elementary-Yearbook Sales from 03/01/17-04//30/17 for the Year Book Club.
8.C.d. Southern Elementary PTA-Santa Shop from 12/05/16-12/09/16 for the PTA.
8.C.e. Stamping Ground Elementary-Lifetouch Spring Pictures, 04/12/17 for Instructional Resources.
8.C.f. GMS-Cherrydale Cookies/Candy/Rolls from 11/21/16/12/0216 to support boys basketball team, uniforms, equipment, concessions and banquets.
8.C.g. SC Ninth Grade School-T-shirt Sales from 11/18/16-12/31/16 for the 9th Grade dance.
8.D. Leave Requests
8.E. Personnel Report
8.F. Field Trip Report
9. Approve Services Agreement with Harmony Farm, LLC
10. Approve the creation of a part-time Kindergarten Instructional Assistant position at Eastern Elementary
11. Approve to accept the FY 2017 KETS Offer of Assistance
12. Approve Agreement with Scott County Veterinary Clinic
13. Approve Revised BG-1 for the Scott County High/Middle School Field And Track Replacement
14. Approve BG-4's-Lemons Mill Phase II
15. Approve the BG-5 Capital Construction Closeout for Lemons Mill Phase II
16. Revision to BG-1, #14-083 "Phase I second High School"
17. Approve the BG-5, #14-083 to close "Phase I second High School" project.
18. Approve BG-1 for new Great Crossing High School
19. Approve Lease Agreement between the SCBOE and the City of Stamping Ground, Kentucky.
20. Revise Administrative Procedures: 04.7 AP.1-Inventories; 04.7 AP.2-Inventory Form; Fixed Asset Transfers (SCB-FA1B) (04.8 AP.2. Review Administrative Procedure: Disposal of Surplus Property (04.8 AP.1)
21. Approve the following to access and transfer funds from Stamping Ground Daycare, Food Service and School Activity bank accounts: Dr. Kevin Hub, Superintendent; Randall Cutright, Director of Business and Gina Amos, Director of Accounting
22. Approve the following as check signors on the accounts, one from each group: Signor Group A: Paul Krueger and/or Maria Bennett. Group B: Gina Lynn, Patti Burger and/or Sherry Robison
23. Approve fee for students attending the 2017 STN Convention, March 28-31, 2017 in Anaheim, CA not to exceed $1,140.00.
24. Approve request to reallocate "Committed Funds"
25. Revise Administrative Procedure: Inventories (04.7 AP.1)
26. Revise Administrative Procedure: Inventory Form (04.7 AP.2)
27. Revise Administrative Procedure: Fixed Asset Transfers (SCB-FA1B) (04.8 AP.2)
28. Review Administrative Procedure: Disposal of Surplus Property (04.8 AP.1)
29. Revise Personal Leave Policies (03.1231 & 03.2231)
30. Eliminate Emergency Leave Policies (03.1236 & 03.2236)
31. Revise Salaries Policy (03.221)
32. Revise Procurement Procedure (04.32 AP.1)
33. Revise Gifts and Donations Policies (03.1322 & 03.2322)
34. Revise the Salary Schedule
35. Discuss Fundraisers
36. Discussion of Non-traditional Instruction (NTI) days
37. Financial Statement
38. Approve Current Bills
39. Review and Approval of Monthly Expenses of the Superintendent
40. Superintendent's Report
41. Board Comments
42. Executive Session Pursuant to KRS 61.810 (1)(c) to discuss pending employee litigation against the District.
43. Reconvene to Regular Board Session
44. Possible action taken following Executive Session (If needed)
45. Adjournment