Russell County
October 19, 2020 5:00 PM
Russell County Board of Education Meeting
1. Pledge of Allegiance/Prayer
2. Call to Order
3. Roll Call
4. Public Comment
5. Adoption of Agenda
6. Lake Cumberland Regional College and Workforce Center Construction Update
7. Consent Agenda
7.A. Approval of Minutes
7.B. Payment of Bills
7.C. Construction Funds
7.D. School Activity Fund Reports
7.E. Financial Report
7.F. Treasure's Monthly Report September 2020
7.G. Out of State and/or Overnight Trip
8. Russell County Schools-Hybrid Schedule
9. Tender of Completion Contractor to Russell County Board of Education and Release Agreement with Lexon Insurance Company
10. Nonresident Contract
11. Shortened School Day and/or Week
12. Personnel Reports
13. Adjournment