Russell County
September 21, 2020 5:00 PM
Russell County Board of Education Meeting
1. Pledge of Allegiance/Prayer
2. Call to Order
3. Roll Call
4. Public Comment
5. Adoption of Agenda
6. Lake Cumberland Regional College and Workforce Center Construction Update
7. Russell County Education Association (RCEA) Certified and Classified Employee Recognition for March: Kelly Aaron, Teacher (RCMS) & Tammy Wolford, Account Clerk (JES) Recognition for April: Dustin Gosser, Teacher (RCHS) & Laurie Cooper, Assistant (JES) Recognition for May: Nicki Terry, Teacher (SES) & Kathy McGowan, Instructional Assistant
8. Russell County Sheriff Derek Polston will introduce new School Resource Officers: Nathan Ginn (RSES) & Ritchie Francioni (SES)
9. Recognition: SCATS Scholarship Recipients- Luke Popplewell & Halle Burton
10. Recognition: Donation to Gifted & Talented Program-Rachel Webb
11. Consent Agenda
11.A. Approval of Minutes
11.B. Payment of Bills
11.C. Construction Funds
11.D. School Activity Fund Reports
11.E. Financial Report
11.F. Treasure's Monthly Report August 2020
12. Construction Management & Architectural firms for Russell County Middle School Addition/Renovation
13. Resume In-Person Instruction on October 12, 2020
14. Approval of Working Budget for SY 2020-2021 (FY 21)
15. Revised Section 6 Fund Allocations "KERA Money"
16. Contracts/Memorandum of Agreements Approval
17. Nonresident Contracts
18. Fundraiser Approvals
19. Accept/Reject Bids for Surplus Property
20. Personnel Reports
21. Adjournment