Pikeville Independent
August 21, 2018 6:00 PM
Pikeville Independent Board of Education Regular Meeting
I. Call to Order
II. Public Comment
III. Student Achievement
III.A. Student/Staff Recognition
III.B. PES Principal's Report
III.C. PHS Principal's Report
III.D. Instructional Supervisors' Report
IV. Action/Consent Items
Actions Taken

Order #1533 - Motion Passed:  Motion to approve all action/consent items as presented passed with a motion by Dr. Kevin Pugh and a second by Ms. Ann Carty.

IV.A. Excuse absence of Kevin Pugh and Ashley Brown at the July 17, 2018 Regular Meeting
IV.B. Approve Minutes of the July 17, 2018 Regular Meeting
IV.C. Approve Bills, Payrolls, and Financial Reports for the period July 18, 2018 to August 21, 2018
IV.D. Ratify Transportation/Trip Requests
IV.D.1. PHS Girls Soccer to Johnson City, TN on July 11-14, 2018
IV.D.2. PHS Volleyball to Louisville, KY on July 11-13, 2018
IV.D.3. PHS Volleyball to Lexington, KY on August 3-5, 2018
IV.E. Approve Rental Agreement with Pikeville YMCA for 2018-19
IV.F. Approve PES School Wide Fundraiser for PTO
IV.G. Approve KISTA Payment in the amount of $2,313.24
IV.H. Approve Emergency Certified Substitute Teachers
IV.I. Approve Series 2008 Bond Payment in the amount of $53,964.36
V. Action/Discussion Items
V.A. Data Security Update
V.B. Other Business
Actions Taken

Order #1534 - Motion Passed:  Approve payment ti passed with a motion by Dr. Kevin Pugh and a second by Mrs. Ashley Brown.

VI. Information/Review Items
VI.A. Personnel Report
VI.B. Miscellaneous
VII. Closed Session
VIII. Return to Regular Session
IX. Adjournment
Actions Taken

Order #1535 - Motion Passed:  Adjournment passed with a motion by Ms. Ann Carty and a second by Dr. Kevin Pugh.