Nelson County
October 15, 2013 5:00 PM
Nelson County Regular
I. Call to Order
Board Chair

Pledge of Allegiance


I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

                     BOARD MISSION STATEMENT

The NELSON COUNTY BOARD of EDUCATION, representatives of our citizens
 and entrusted with their children,
 pledges to support the mission of the
by setting visionary direction through effective policy, oversight
 and efficient resource management.



II. Changes to the Agenda
III. Student/Employee Performance
Supt. Orr
IV. Student/Employee Recognition
Supt. Orr

Nelson County Schools 

“Good News”

October 2013


At Cox’s Creek, Macie Blanton, Natalia Galvin, William Hopkins, Gannon Mattingly, Kelsey Mattingly, Carson Mouser, Hailee Pentecost, Brooklyn Roller, Kamryn Stone, and Holden Underwood were selected for participation in the 4th District Treble Choir.

Kelsey Mattingly has qualified for the American Choral Director's Association Elementary All-State Choir.

At Foster Heights, 5th grade student Lydia Newton auditioned and was chosen to sing in the Kentucky American Choral Directors Association All-State choir festival in Bowling Green on November 1st and 2nd.

The following students from the Bloomfield Schools have qualified for All-State Choir:

KyACDA All State Children’s Choir (grades 5-6) - Dylan Clark, Isaiah Greer, Kaitlyn Marksbury, Camie Ashley, Patricia Briney, Carly Johnson, and Izzy Whitis.

KyACDA All State Jr. High Choir (grades 7-9) – Haley Abell, Jessica Holmes, Nolan Key and Clara Pozgay.

In Boston, the “Good News” for the month begins with the positive test results from the 2012-2013 K-Prep assessment. The middle school achieved a Distinguished rating and ranked in the 94th percentile. The elementary received a Proficient rating and place in the 86th percentile.

Students celebrated with "Exceeding Our Dreams" T-shirts on Friday before fall break. We hung banners donated by Mrs. Newcome on Monday to honor the accomplishments of the students and staff. 

The Southwest Nelson Rams won the Championship Football tournament and finished their season with an 8-0 record. This team is comprised of students from both Boston and New Haven.

Old Kentucky Home Middle School Girls’ Basketball players visited the Colonial Health and Rehab in Bardstown.  The players visited with residents and shared stories, games, and activities.  

Representative Floyd came to discuss the importance of Constitution Day with all 8th grades, and a couple of 6th and 7th grade classes.  He also provided each 8th grade student with a copy of the United States Constitution.

The 8th grade class is encouraging students to bring and donate shoes to the Water Step project, which helps fund safe drinking water projects all over the world. 

Students at Horizons Academy have completed interviews and have now been placed into project groups. The students will begin working on these projects in early October. Look for some great work around Horizons in the upcoming months.


V. Operations Consent Agenda
Board Chair
Actions Taken

Motion Passed:  Motion to approve consent items as presented passed with a motion by Mr. Nicky Rapier and a second by Mrs. Diane Berry.

V.A. Information: Personnel Actions

Employment :             John Ball                      Energy Manager                       District

                                    Mary Bates                  Problem Solving Coach            TNHS

                                    Leonard Beasley           Bus Driver                                District

                                    Cindy Beavers              Nurse                                       District

                                    Josh Conder                 Asst Wrestling Coach               NCHS

                                    Jackie Donahue            I A I                                         New Haven

                                    Thomas Dooley            A D                                          TNHS

                                    C. Hope Dougherty      Teacher                                    New Haven

                                    Alaina Green                Head Academic Coach              TNHS

                                    Charlotte Jewell            Volleyball Coach                      TNHS

                                    Doug Johnson               Asst Boys BB Coach                OKHM

                                    Margaret Johnson         Childcare I A I                        District

                                    Racheal Johnson           21st Century Instructor            Boston

                                    Katherine Kirzing          Teacher                                    NCHS

                                    Ed Phelps                     Head Softball Coach                TNHS

                                    Catherine Spalding        Teacher                                    Foster Heights

                                    John Street                   Bus Driver                                District

                                    Robert Troutman          Teacher                                    NCHS

                                    Daniel Walker              Asst Band Director                   TNHS


Transfers:       None


Reinstatements:         None


Classified Subs:  Debra Curtsinger, Callie Simpson, Cindy Simpson, Janet Smith


Certified Substitute Teachers: Bob Blackman, Don Bradley, Bonnie Grider, Linda Riley, Lisa Sutton


Emergency Certificate:  Lorie Essex-Miller


Student Workers:  Jordon Ballard, Michael Cecil, Matthew Kaufield 


Non-Renewals:          Tawnya Schweinhart


Resignations:             None


Retirements:              None


Suspensions/Reprimands/Terminations:    Larry Schreiner

V.B. Treasurer's Report
V.C. Bills and Claims
V.D. MUNIS Report
V.E. Leaves of Absence

The following is a list of personnel that are presently taking leaves of absence with board approval:

Medical Leave


Classified Employee               Custodian                       Foster Heights            

Certified Employee                   Teacher                        OKHM


Maternity Leave                    None

V.F. Minutes from Previous Meeting

September Board Meeting - 9/17/13
October Work Session - 10/3/13

V.G. Overnight/Out-of-State Trips
VI. Student Support Services
Board Chair
VI.A. Construction Update
VI.A.1. TNHS Baseball/Softball Project Proposal
Tim Hockensmith

BG-1 TNHS Baseball/Softball Proposal

Actions Taken

Motion Passed:  Approve the attached BG-1 for construction of a baseball/softball batting cage facility at TNHS. This project is to be funded through fundraising activities conducted by the TNHS baseball and softball teams. passed with a motion by Mr. Damon Jackey and a second by Mr. Frank Hall.

VI.B. Final Payouts
VI.B.1. TNHS Phase 2
Todd Sanders

The following vendor has completed all contractual obligations for the bid packages listed and have applied for final payment.  All work has been inspected by architects, contruction manager, and owners and found acceptable.

BP#27 Roof/Sheet Metal, Carlon Roofing       $10,491.05

Actions Taken

Motion Passed:  Approval of final payment for vendor listed. passed with a motion by Mr. Frank Hall and a second by Mr. Nicky Rapier.

VII. Student Instructional Services
Board Chair
VII.A. 2013-2014 Preschool Program Approval
Cheryl Pile

Preschool Program Approval

Actions Taken

Motion Passed:  Approve the amended 2013-2014 preschool program approval form. passed with a motion by Mr. Frank Hall and a second by Mr. Damon Jackey.

VII.B. Superintendent Evaluation Report
Sup't Orr

At the direction of Commissioner Holliday, Kentucky school boards and superintendents must document that the following items have been discussed in public meeting(s) by December 20, 2013, as part of the superintendent's evaluation process.  The formative evaluation of the superintendent will be completed in December.
    1.    District delivery targets for student achievement and Professional Growth and Effectiveness System (PGES)
    2.    Review of effectiveness and efficiency of district operations 
    3.    Facilities/support systems


VIII. Guest Comments
Board Chair

Guest Comment Policy
Any person wishing to address the Board may do so by following these rules:
Individuals representing themselves are limited to 3 minutes.
Individuals representing a group are limited to 5 minutes.
Please step up to the microphone, state your name and address, and, if you represent a group, state the name of the group you are representing.

IX. Adjourn Regular Session
Board Chair
Actions Taken

Motion Passed:  Motion to adjourn the Regular Session of the Nelson County Board of Education passed with a motion by Mrs. Diane Berry and a second by Mr. Nicky Rapier.

X. Convene Executive Session
XI. Adjourn Executive Session
XII. Reconvene Regular Session
XIII. Adjourn Regular Session