Nelson County
October 21, 2014 5:00 PM
Nelson County Regular
I. Call to Order
Board Chair

Pledge of Allegiance


I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

                     BOARD MISSION STATEMENT

The NELSON COUNTY BOARD of EDUCATION, representatives of our citizens
 and entrusted with their children,
 pledges to support the mission of the
by setting visionary direction through effective policy, oversight
 and efficient resource management.



II. Changes to the Agenda
III. Student/Employee Performance
Supt. Orr
IV. Student/Employee Recognition
Supt. Orr

Good News

October 2014

Bloomfield Elementary is having a Fall Festival on October 24th from 6-9. Additionally, we are having our annual Halloween Family Literacy Night on October 28th.

Bloomfield Middle School Archery Program is back.  The club is sponsored by the Blazer Learning Center.  BMS Students and Archery Coach Gilbert are excited about another winning season.

The Southwest Nelson Rams football team were conference runner-up in a hard fought battle played on October 2nd against Bethlehem Prep.

Boston’s 21st Century program held a successful camp over the break with a focus on art. They visited Anita's art in Bardstown, had a presentation on photography from Kaci Goode of the Kentucky Standard, designed posters, and visited Publisher's Printing Co.

Cox's Creek has six teachers participating in the Kentucky Center for Mathematics Cohort for early intervention & identification in math sense.

The Nelson County Early Learning Center held its annual Trike-A-Thon on Friday September 26.  The students were involved in bike safety awareness activities throughout the week before bringing their trikes to school.   The total amount collected for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital was $2,685.00.

Based on the transition survey completed, 13 out of 14 students who earned diplomas at Horizons last year are either working or attending a post-secondary school.

The Horizons landscaping group has completed projects at NCHS and the board of education. After fall break, they will begin work on a project at TNHS.

Nelson County High School boys and girls soccer advanced to the region tournament and won their first round games.  Play continues this week.

FFA Field of Terror continues through the last weekends in October.  Over 400 attended the maze over this past weekend.  This event supports both our FFA chapters.

Nelson County cross country swept the age division medals at the Medical Center 10K in Bowling Green over the weekend.  Conference tournament begins tonight.

New Haven students Hunter Donahue, Kaitlyn Burba, Samantha Fulkerson and Autumn Howard have been selected to represent New Haven School in the New Haven Youth Leadership Program set up by New Haven City Hall. We are very proud of these students and know that they will represent our school well.

All 6th, 7th, and 8th grade girl basketball players at Old Kentucky Home Middle won their conferences and are competing in tournaments starting October 21.

The school has undertaken a school wide anti-bullying initiative.  Every Friday, during our Gap, Achievement, Growth, and Enrichment period, the focus has been on character education and anti-bullying. Teachers teach short character education lessons that are accompanied by short motivational video clips.

V. Operations Consent Agenda
Board Chair
Actions Taken

Motion Passed:  Motion to approve consent items as presented passed with a motion by Mr. Nicky Rapier and a second by Mrs. Diane Berry.

V.A. Information: Personnel Actions

Jacob Ball                    Asst Acad Team Coach            NCHS
Troy Blakely                 Baseball Coach                       TNHS
Kayla Bodine               Teacher                                  Foster Heights
Tiffany Burba                Inst Assistant I                      New Haven
Tiffany Corder              Inst Assistant I                       Foster Heights
Carol Gaskill                Yearbook                                Cox’s Creek
Sandy Gritton               Bus Monitor                            District
Janice Hall                    Inst Assistant II                     NCHS
Kathryn Hazle              Inst Assistant I                        Cox’s Creek
James Hilbert                Bus Driver                             District
Brandee Johnson          Department Chair                   NCHS
Shannon Jones              Yearbook                              Cox’s Creek
Margaret Kjera             Swim Coach                           TNHS/NCHS
Donna Lucchese           Department Chair                   NCHS
Sheri McGuffin             Acad Team Coach                   NCHS
Bill Osborne                 Bus Driver                             District
Darrell Parks                Drama Coach                         NCHS
Debbie Parsons            Department Chair                   NCHS
Amy Perry                    FRYSC Asst                           TNHS/NCHS
Carl Shannon                Department Chair                  NCHS
Amelia Satterly             Teacher                                Cox’s Creek
Jeannie Underwood      Department Chair                  NCHS
Lindsey Unseld             Problem Solving Coach          NCHS
Erin Waldridge             Teacher                                Cox’s Creek
Cindy Willis                  Department Chair                 NCHS

Transfers:       Rana Kaissieh from I A I to School Secretary @ Cox’s Creek
                       Kelsey Shryock from IA I to Teacher @ Foster Heights
                       Karen Taylor from IA II to IA III @ NCHS

Reinstatements:         None

Classified Subs:  Kathy Fields           

Certified Substitute Teachers:  Jacqueline Kieslich, Jessica Barrett, Pamela Zarantonello, Sarah Crawford, Jennifer Fout

Emergency Certified Teacher:          None

Student Workers:      Patrick Smith, Brittany Crawford

Non-Renewals:          None


Jennifer Allain-Winchester         Teacher                        OKHMS
Jennifer Brown                         Substitute                     District
Terri Dishon                             I A III                           NCHS
Patrice Edelen                          Inst Coach                     Foster Heights
Kim Farvour                             Bus Monitor                   District
Caroline Greer                          IA I                              FH
Katie Kielen                             Swim Coach                  TNHS
Robbie Leathers                       Volleyball Coach            OKHM
David W. Simpson                   Substitute                      District
Randy Stephens                        Teacher                       TNHS
Tim VanHook                          Bus Driver                      District


Wanda Bartley             Bus Driver        District

Suspensions/Reprimands/Terminations:      None

V.B. Treasurer's Report
V.C. Bills and Claims
V.D. MUNIS Report
V.E. Leaves of Absence
V.F. Minutes from Previous Meeting

September Board Meeting - 9/16/14
October Work Session - 10/2/14

V.G. Overnight/Out-of-State Trips

NCHS                 KSA Events Basketball Tournament         Orlando, FL            12/27/14-12/31/14
NCHS                 Webster County Holiday Tournament       Dixon, KY              12/20/14-12/22/14
TNHS                 KY Youth Assembly Conference               Louisville, KY          12/7/14-12/9/14
New Haven         Derby Dinner Playhouse                         Clarksville, IN         12/17/14

V.H. Fund Raiser Requests
VI. Efficient Resource Management
VI.A. Mowing Bid Update
Tim Hockensmith
VI.B. SFCC Technology Offer of Assistance
Tim Hockensmith

Each year the School Facilities Construction Commission issues offers of assistance to school districts in the area of technology. We are required to match this on a dollar for dollar basis. The current offer is $37,727.

Actions Taken

Motion Passed:  The Nelson County Board of Education accept the SFCC offer of assistance in the amount of $37,727 for fiscal year 2014-2015. passed with a motion by Mr. Nicky Rapier and a second by Mr. Larry Pate.

VII. College and Career Readiness
VII.A. Grant Approvals
Tom Dekle
VII.A.1. Teaching Art Together (TAT) Grant
Tom Dekle

Boston School, Cox’s Creek Elementary School and Bloomfield Elementary School all wish to apply seperately for TAT (Teaching Art Together) artist residencies sponsored by the Kentucky Arts Council. Each residency will be for a specific length of time and for a specific arts program. The artists are all registered through the arts council, which provides partial funding based upon length of program. Each grant application is competitive and awarded based on adherence to criteria as specified by the arts council. Boston wishes to apply for a Visual and Performing Arts project with artist Carla Grover. This project will compare and contrast the cultural groups that created Appalachian culture, music and dance. The project will be a 10-day residency at a cost of  $2,000,  including an applicant match of $800. CCE wishes is seeking a Native American Dance project with artist Deborah Denenfield. This project will primarily involve 4th and 5th grades. It will be a 5-day residency $1,000 with an applicant match of $400. BES wishes to apply for a visual arts project with artist Carrie Neumayer. The artist will help students create several small murals that depict key moments in American history. The project will primarily target fifth grade students but will also involve younger students through peer tutoring. This project is to be a 10-day residency of at a cost of $2,000, including an applicant match of $800.

Actions Taken

Motion Passed:  Approval for Boston School, CCE and BES to apply for three separate KAC Teaching Art Together grants amounting to $3,000 and requiring matching funds of $2,000 for all three. passed with a motion by Mr. Damon Jackey and a second by Mrs. Diane Berry.

VII.A.2. Mathematics Achievement Fund (MAF) Grant
Tom Dekle

Boston School, Cox’s Creek Elementary School, Bloomfield Elementary School, New Haven School and Foster Heights Elementary Schools all wish to apply for Mathematics Achievement Fund (MAF) grants sponsored by the Kentucky Department of Education. These grants are designed to support the implementation of key aspects of the Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS). Teacher and Leader Effectiveness (TLE) and Data Driven Instruction (DDI). It provides teachers with real-time, professional learning tools and resources to support educators in reaching the vision for a college and career ready education. Units link together to form a complete K-5 mathematics curriculum that can be adjusted to meet the needs of individual students. Each of these grant applications request $41,000 to support the salary of one mathematics intervention teacher for each participating school, and amounting to a total request of $205,000.

Actions Taken

Motion Passed:  Approval for Boston School, CCES, BES, NHS and FHES to each apply for five separate Mathematics Achievement Fund (MAF) grants of $41,000, amounting to $205,000 together. passed with a motion by Mr. Larry Pate and a second by Mr. Damon Jackey.

VII.B. KPREP Results & Deliverables Report
Tim Beck/Kim Brown
VIII. Student and Stakeholder Engagement
VIII.A. Guest Comments
Board Chair

Guest Comment Policy
Any person wishing to address the Board may do so by following these rules:
Individuals representing themselves are limited to 3 minutes.
Individuals representing a group are limited to 5 minutes.
Please step up to the microphone, state your name and address, and, if you represent a group, state the name of the group you are representing.

IX. Adjourn Regular Session
Board Chair
Actions Taken

Motion Passed:  Motion to adjourn the Regular Session of the Nelson County Board of Education passed with a motion by Mr. Nicky Rapier and a second by Mrs. Diane Berry.

X. Convene Executive Session
XI. Adjourn Executive Session
XII. Reconvene Regular Session
XIII. Adjourn Regular Session