Nelson County
August 19, 2014 5:00 PM
Nelson County Regular
I. Call to Order
Board Chair

Pledge of Allegiance


I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

                     BOARD MISSION STATEMENT

The NELSON COUNTY BOARD of EDUCATION, representatives of our citizens
 and entrusted with their children,
 pledges to support the mission of the
by setting visionary direction through effective policy, oversight
 and efficient resource management.



II. Changes to the Agenda
III. Student/Employee Performance
Supt. Orr
IV. Student/Employee Recognition
Supt. Orr

Good News – August 2014

 Bloomfield Middle School Band student, Kellie Hall, attended the Foster Music Camp this summer at Eastern Kentucky University.  She had a very positive experience during the week long music camp.  She was able to attend based on a scholarship that she received after auditioning for the Stephen Foster Music Club in Bardstown.

Cox’s Creek had their first PTO meeting on August 12th  with over 60 people in attendance!

Thank you to our Family Resource Center for “Popsicles in the Park” at our “Meet & Greet”.

New Haven School held their Open House/Back to School BBQ Bash on Monday August 4th, 2014.  Both activities were a success. Most teachers shared that over 80% of their students came to visit the classrooms and stayed for some fun.

Buster the Bus visited the students at New Haven on Thursday August 14th to share some Bus Safety Rules and Procedures.

The Southwest Nelson Rams started their season off with a 28-0 win over St. Dominic’s. We are looking forward to another great year.

Nelson County High FFA received a national 3 star chapter rating (only 8 chapters in the entire state received this honor)

NCHS AG Dept. was awarded a $10,000 grant from Monsanto (national Ag bio tech company).  The awarded grant money will be used to purchase chrome books for the Agriculture department.

Nelson County High art students competed this summer at the KY Gourd show.  Out of 223 entries NCHS students had numerous class awards.

Thomas Nelson High have 11 students who earned an AP Scholar Award.

Those attaining AP Scholar status (by attaining a score of 3 or higher on three or more AP exams) are as follows:

Graduates: Allison Burba, Elisa Owens, Kyle Schenck and Austin Willett AND current seniors: Shelby Enlow and Ben Harris.

Earning AP Scholar with Honor (meaning they obtained a score of 3.25 or higher on four or more of the AP exams) are:

Graduate: Stephany Vittitow and Current Senior Cary Brown.

Earning AP Scholar with Distinction (granted to students who obtain an average score of at least 3.5 on all AP Exams taken and scores of 3 or higher on five or more of these exams) is current senior: Drew Miles.

Congratulations to our Jr. Chef team. They began competing last school year and qualified to compete at the State Fair this year. At this time, the team has won their first round at the State level, won the second round on Friday and will go on to compete in the third round this week. The team consists of graduates Makenzie Letner, Hannah Wolf and Zach Johnson and current senior Eli Clark.

V. Operations Consent Agenda
Board Chair
Actions Taken

Motion Passed:  Motion to approve consent items as presented passed with a motion by Mr. Nicky Rapier and a second by Mr. Larry Pate.

V.A. Information: Personnel Actions

Emily Beam                  Teacher                                    TNHS
Barbara Bliss                Teacher                                    TNHS
Jacinta Boswell             Instructional Coach                   District
Katie Brown                 Teacher                                    New Haven
Kim Brown                  Dir of Sec Schools                    District
Josh Conder                 Head Wrestling Coach  TNHS
Michael Crowder         Asst Football Coach                 NCHS
K. Jay Dolen                Teacher                                    OKHM
Gary Dones                  Substitute Bus Driver                District
Emily Gann                   Teacher                                    New Haven
Chris Girdley                Asst Football Coach                 TNHS
Caroline Greer              Inst Asst I                                 Foster Heights
Michael Hamilton          Bowling Coach             TNHS
Haley Hardin                Inst Asst III                              NCHS
Amy Hatfield                Inst Asst III                              OKHM
Michelle Hendricks       Instructional Coach                   District
James Hodges              Bus Driver                                District
Natalie Hurst                Teacher                                    BMS
Crad Jaggers                Teacher                                    NCHS
Brandon Johnson          Boys BB Coach                       TNHS
Damon King                 Teacher/Band Director NCHS
Lisa Brooke King          Teacher                                    Foster Heights
Suzanne Longacre        Teacher                                    Foster Heights
Trevor Mason               Inst Asst III                              OKHMS
Emily Mattingly            Teacher                                    Foster Heights
Savannah Mattingly     College Career Readiness           District
Elizabeth Mizuta           Teacher                                    New Haven
J. Eddie Osborne          Substitute Bus Driver                District
Tracey Renn                FRYSC Inst Asst I                     Foster Heights 
Carl Shannon              Asst Football Coach                   NCHS
Kelsey Shryock            Inst Asst I                               Foster Heights 
Ashley Simpson          Teacher                                    Foster Heights
Felicia Tinner              Teacher                                    Foster Heights
Ashley Troutman         Teacher                                    New Haven
Ashley Tucker             Inst Asst I                                 New Haven

Transfers:         Christina Jimison from .75 Teacher to Full-time @ Boston        

                        Nicole Milburn from Secretary I to Secretary II @ Horizons

                        Misty Roller from Secretary I to Secretary II @ Foster Heights

                        Jessica Scheerhorn from Cox’s Creek to Inst Coach @ District

                        Charlene Thompson from OKHM to NCELC


Jennifer Buckman         Teacher                        District
Janet Coleman              Teacher                        Boston 
Paula Filiatreau Teacher                        District
Karen Johnson             Program Consult           District
Kelsey Mattingly           Teacher                        Foster Heights
Rachel Raisor               Substitute                     District
Teresa Thompson         Teacher                        District

Classified Subs:  Chrisie Smith, Kathy Yates, Jan Lee and Becky Judson                      

Certified Substitute Teachers:    Elizabeth Wallen, Julie Bixler, Brandon Johnson, and Ashley Carey

Emergency Certified Teacher:  

Student Workers:         Natalie Stivers  , Chase Godbey, Taylor Gagne, and Rodolfo Godenzi

Non-Renewals: None

Resignations:                 Phuong Doan                Teacher                                    BMS

                                    Karla Kunze                 Teacher                                    Horizons

                                    Nancy Lane                  Teacher                                    Foster Heights

                                    Robbie Leathers           Volleyball Coach                      OKHMS

                                    Sean Millhouse             Inst Asst II                               ELC

                                    Rachel Raisor               Substitute                                 District

                                    Ann-Hill Thomas          Teacher                                    Foster Heights

                                    Meredith Travis            Teacher                                    TNHS

                                    Robert Troutman          Teacher                                    NCHS

                                    Dawn Wheeler             Teacher                                    Foster Heights

Retirements:                  None   

Suspensions/Reprimands/Terminations: M. Doug Johnson


V.B. Treasurer's Report
V.C. Bills and Claims
V.D. MUNIS Report
V.E. Leaves of Absence
V.F. Minutes from Previous Meeting

July Board Meeting - 7/22/14
August Work Session - 8/7/14

V.G. Overnight/Out-of-State Trips

Bloomfield Elementary     Beta Leadership Summit, Gatlinburg TN        10/16/14-10/18/14
Bloomfield Middle            Beta Leadership Summit, Gatlinburg TN        10/16/14-10/18/14
Thomas Nelson High        National FFA Convention, Louisville KY          10/29/14-11/7/14  

V.H. Fund Raiser Requests
V.I. Policy & Procedure Update

2nd Reading
Policy 08.32 - School Term - states that the District shall permit employees who are delegates to attend statewide professional meetings.

2nd Reading
Policy 09.36 - School - related Student Trips - allows parents who are approved as chaperones to accompany students on field trip buses as long as overcrowding is not an issue.

VI. Efficient Resource Management
VI.A. KSBIT Assessment
Tim Hockensmith

Approval of KSBIT assessment and payment plan.

Actions Taken

Motion Passed:  The Nelson County Board of Education approve the seven year interest free KSBIT assessment payment plan. passed with a motion by Mr. Nicky Rapier and a second by Mrs. Diane Berry.

VI.B. Pre Audit AFR 2014
Tim Hockensmith

Approval of the pre-audit version of the fiscal 2014 Annual Financial Report.

Actions Taken

Motion Passed:  The Nelson County Board of Education approve the pre-audit version of the fiscal 2014 Annual Financial Report. passed with a motion by Mr. Damon Jackey and a second by Mr. Larry Pate.

VII. Safe and Caring Environment
VII.A. Energy Management Project Update
Todd Sanders
VIII. College and Career Readiness
VIII.A. Gifted and Talented Handbook Revisions
Tim Beck

Approval of revised district Gifted and Talented Handbook.

Actions Taken

Motion Passed:  The Nelson County Board of Education approve the district Gifted and Talented Handbook as revised. passed with a motion by Mr. Larry Pate and a second by Mr. Damon Jackey.

IX. Student and Stakeholder Engagement
IX.A. Guest Comments
Board Chair

Guest Comment Policy
Any person wishing to address the Board may do so by following these rules:
Individuals representing themselves are limited to 3 minutes.
Individuals representing a group are limited to 5 minutes.
Please step up to the microphone, state your name and address, and, if you represent a group, state the name of the group you are representing.

X. Adjourn Regular Session
Board Chair
Actions Taken

Motion Passed:  Motion to adjourn the Regular Session of the Nelson County Board of Education passed with a motion by Mr. Damon Jackey and a second by Mr. Nicky Rapier.

XI. Convene Executive Session
XII. Adjourn Executive Session
XIII. Reconvene Regular Session
XIV. Adjourn Regular Session