Morgan County
January 07, 2019 6:30 PM
Regular Organizational Meeting
I. Swearing In of Board Members
II. Call to Order
III. Election of Board Chair
III.1. Nominations for Board Chair
III.2. Close nominations
III.3. Vote for Board Chair
IV. Newly Elected Board Chair will take over meeting
V. Elect Vice-Chair
V.1. Nominations for Board Vice-Chair
V.2. Close nominations
V.3. Vote for Board Vice-Chair
VI. Appoint Secretary to the Board of Education
VII. Appoint Treasurer to the Board of Education
VIII. Hire Board Attorney for 2019
IX. Approve Board Meeting Schedule for 2019
X. Out of district travel for KSBA Annual Conference for Board Members
XI. Appoint Board Member to review the district credit card expenses
XII. "Your Duty Under the Law" the Kentucky Open/Records and Open Meetings Acts; and Managing Government Records, A cooperative Undertaking
XIII. Approve to Surplus Items
XIV. Adjourn