Ludlow Independent
August 26, 2013 6:45 PM
2013 Tax Rate Hearing Agenda
I. Call to Order

Others in attendance: Mike Borchers, Superintendent; Jenny McMillen, Board Secretary; Steve Hart, High School Assistant Principal; Marlene Schuh, Teacher; Marcia McAtee, Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent; Joshua Campbell, Student; Erica, Josh, and Paige Campbell, Community Members

I.A. Call to Order by Mr. McMillen
II. Discussion
II.A. Tax Rate Hearing

Mr. Borchers presented the tax rate increase information and documents.

III. Adjourn
Actions Taken

Order #12 - Motion Passed:  Approval to adjourn the meeting at 7:52PM passed with a motion by Ms. Cindy Powell and a second by Ms. Amy Hayden.

Member Votes
Mr. Stephen Chapman Yes
Ms. Amy Hayden Yes
Ms. Kymberly King Absent
Mr. William McMillen Yes
Ms. Cindy Powell Yes