Lincoln County
May 09, 2024 5:30 PM
Working Meeting
1. Call to Order - Superintendent: Mr. Bruce Smith; Chair: Ms. Etta S. Meek; Vice Chair: Ms. Christine Killen; Board Members: Ms. Gloria Sneed and Ms. Jennifer Broadbent
1.a. Pledge of Allegiance
1.b. Vision Statement: The Vision of Lincoln County Schools is to empower every student with the knowledge and skills necessary to become college, career and citizenship ready by providing high quality education and enriching opportunities in every classroom every day.
1.c. Mission Statement: "Every Student, Every Classroom, Every Day: College/Career and Citizenship Ready!"
2. Set the Meeting Agenda
Actions Taken

Order #236 - Motion Passed:  Set the Meeting Agenda with Items 4.g, 4.h, and 4.i Removed from the Agenda passed with a motion by Ms. Christine Killen and a second by Ms. Jennifer Broadbent.

3. Gear Up Program Annual Report
4. Discussion Items
4.a. Audit Contracts

The audit contracts and engagement letter for the 2023-2024 school year are due to the Kentucky Department of Education by the end of May. 

4.b. Bids for Bank Depository Services

Bids for Bank Depository Services were opened on May 2, 2024. Farmer's National Bank was the only bank to submit a bid. 

4.c. Bids for Services

Bids for Fire Protection, Pest Control, Waste Removal, Cold Drinks, and Snack Vending were opened on May 2, 2024.  The following providers were selected:

  • Collins Fire Protection for extinguishers and range hood systems 
  • Marmic Fire & Safety for monitoring, fire alarm systems, sprinklers, and backflow preventers
  • Guardian Exterminating for pest control
  • Republic Services for waste removal
  • Pepsi Cola for cold drink vending
  • C & N Vending for snack vending

4.d. 2024-2025 Salary Schedule
4.e. Tentative Budget

State law requires the local school board adopt the tentative budget by
May 30th of each year. The working budget is the final step in the budget
process and it is due by September 30th.

  • The total budget is $60 million. General fund budget is $45 million.
  • The District is required to have a 2% contingency. Contingency this year is over $5.8 million and represents 18%.
  • The budget includes the raises as presented for both certified and classified staff. This costs an additional $1.4 million.
  • Salaries and benefits make up 70% of the general fund.
  • The CERS rate will decrease from 23.34% to 19.71% next year.
  • SEEK is the largest source of income within the general fund. Next year, SEEK funding will increase from $4,200/student to $4,326/student. Based on current AADA, this will be an increase of $366,000.
  • Next year, the per pupil amount will increase to $4,586.
  • The budget includes the cost for school healthcare and an SRO at every school.
  • ESSER is almost spent out. The way the District managed ESSER money was very beneficial to the district financially.

4.f. Principal's Combining Budget

Each principal shall prepare the Principal's Combining Budget which lists the summary budget information for each activity account in the school activity fund.  This is due to the District Finance Officer by May 1st and shall be submitted for approved by the local board by the end of May. 

4.g. Insurance Renewals
4.h. School Resource Officers Contract
4.i. MOAs with Kentucky Department of Education
4.j. Vehicles for Surplus

The following vehicles and buses are out of depreciation, beyond economical repair, and need to be declared as surplus so they can be sold:Bus Numbers 101, 102, 103, 104, & 105 and a Ford F350 4x4. 

4.k. Math Consultant Contract

The District is requesting approval of an Independent Service Contract with Billie Travis who will be progress monitoring the implementation of the new IM curriculum throughout the district. She will work to build teachers' capacity to effectively implement standards-aligned curriculum. She will also analyze data to drive instruction. Through her pedagogical knowledge, she will monitor the work of co-planning, co-teaching, coaching, mentoring, and modeling best practices.  Cost will be paid using Title 1 funds. 

4.l. Check and Connect Intervention

Check & Connect is an intervention used with K-12 students who show warning signs of disengagement with school and who are at risk of dropping out. Students are referred to Check & Connect when they show warning signs of disengaging from school, such as poor attendance, behavioral issues, and/or low grades. Outcomes: decrease in truancy, tardies, behavior referrals, and dropout rates.  The total cost is $3633 funded by IDEA funds. This provides a license for each elementary schools as well as the middle school and high school. 

4.m. Dot It Program

Dot It is a sole source software system that provides a customizable standards-based digital pacing guide for K-12 ELA, math, social studies, and science. It uses a system of common assessments and benchmark pacing guides aligned with state standards to raise proficiency, increase student engagement, and close achievement gaps for students across the district.  Provided with Dot It is instructional exemplars and resources as well as personalized data-driven planning and progress monitoring in all tiers and special education. The software complies with requirements for the state of Kentucky for improving planning, practice, and progress. IDEA funds will be used to purchase Dot-It for the 2024-2025 schools year in the amount of $131,500. 

4.n. Admission for Athletic Events

To keep up with the rising fees and costs of officials, the Athletics Department requests approval to raise the price of all High School athletic events to $7.00

4.o. Pay Application #8 and BG-4 for Track & Field Updates
4.p. Change Order #2 for LCHS Corridor Project
4.q. Health Services Contract
4.r. Co-Op Memberships

The District requests approval of the 2024-2025 Kentucky Educational Development Corporation (KEDC) Cooperative Membership Agreement and dues for the (CKEC) Central Kentucky Educational Co-op.  Membership fees for KEDC are $5,660.48 and dues for CKEC are $7,491.00



5. Action Items
5.a. Apply for and Accept a Family Resource Grant

A grant was made available to create an additional Family Resource Center for sites that combined two or more schools.  

Actions Taken

Order #237 - Motion Passed:  Accept the Family Resource Grant for an Additional Site, Create an Additional Coordinator Position, and Add it to the Salary Schedule passed with a motion by Ms. Jennifer Broadbent and a second by Ms. Christine Killen.

5.b. CEP Intent to Participate

District Food Service requests approval of the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) Intent to Participate, offered by the USDA's National School lunch program. Which allows all students to eat free at 100% reimbursement. 

Actions Taken

Order #238 - Motion Passed:  Approve the Community Eligibility Provision Intent to Participate passed with a motion by Ms. Gloria Sneed and a second by Ms. Christine Killen.

5.c. MOA with Boyle Co. Schools

The Memorandum of Agreement is to address a settlement agreement between the Lincoln County Board of Education and a former Lincoln County student with special needs.  The MOA addresses compensatory education services due to the student who is currently enrolled in the Boyle County School District. 

Actions Taken

Order #239 - Motion Passed:  Approve the Memorandum of Agreement Between Lincoln County Board of Education and Boyle County School District passed with a motion by Ms. Christine Killen and a second by Ms. Jennifer Broadbent.

6. Public Comment
7. Adjourn
Actions Taken

Order #240 - Motion Passed:  Adjournment of meeting at 6:24 p.m. passed with a motion by Ms. Gloria Sneed and a second by Ms. Jennifer Broadbent.