Lincoln County
February 01, 2024 5:30 PM
Working Meeting
1. Call to Order - Superintendent: Mr. Bruce Smith; Chair: Ms. Etta S. Meek; Vice Chair: Ms. Christine Killen; Board Members: Ms. Gloria Sneed, Mr. Marvin Wilson, and Ms. Jennifer Broadbent
1.a. Pledge of Allegiance
1.b. Vision Statement: The Vision of Lincoln County Schools is to empower every student with the knowledge and skills necessary to become college, career and citizenship ready by providing high quality education and enriching opportunities in every classroom every day.
1.c. Mission Statement: "Every Student, Every Classroom, Every Day: College/Career and Citizenship Ready!"
2. Set the Meeting Agenda
3. Discussion Items
3.a. Presentation of Early Childhood Mid-Year Report

Early Childhood Director, Dr. Amy Rigsby, will present the mid-year data report. 

3.b. 2024-2025 Tentative Section 7 Allocations

Chief Finance Officer, Ms. Lee Ann Smith, will present the 2024-2025 Tentative Section 7 Allocations.

3.c. 2024-2025 Tentative Section 4 & 5 Allocations

Chief Finance Officer, Ms. Lee Ann Smith, will present the 2024-2025 Tentative Section 4 and 5 Allocations.

3.d. Contract for Elementary Photography

The District requests approval to extend the contract with Strawbridge Studios for the 2024-2025 school year for elementary photography.

3.e. Drug Testing Services

The District requests approval to renew the contract with Cornerstone Diagnostic for the 2024-2025 school year for drug testing services.

3.f. Student Accident Insurance

Roberts Insurance has provided quotes for student accident insurance for the Board’s approval. The quote from Hartford for the 2024-2025 school year  is at the same premium as last year. Total premium is $80,759.  This is paid from the general fund.

3.g. Contract for Mowing

The District requests approval to renew the contract with Tanner Smith for the 2024 mowing season.  The price is $1,696 per mowing, which is the same as the 2023 mowing season. 

3.h. Food Service Assistant Position

Food Service is requesting the creation of an eight (8) hour Food Service Program Assistant Position.  The position will be for 205 days per year and paid according to the salary schedule and is paid with Food Service funds. 

3.i. Surplus Ag Tools

The Ag department has tools that are no longer used and requests permission to post those tools on the state Ag list serve for sale to the highest bidder.  And proceeds will go the FFA club. Tools for surplus are: 

1.Drill Press serial number 3070394

2. Sand blaster serial number 367821252

3.Dust collector serial number 001600

4. Bandsaw 1 serial number 073151

5. Bandsaw 2 serial number  200807

6.Bandsaw 3 serial number 170413569

7. Table saw 1 (old) serial number 66-1359

8. Table saw 2 (old) serial number 02080661930

9.Multi press serial number 21986

10. A piece of equipment that may be to aid in working on an engine block

3.j. Change Order for LCHS Corridor

Clotfelter/Samokar, PSC submitted a change order in the amount of $12,035.90 due to an unexpected difference in existing roof thickness. 

3.k. 2024-2025 NTI Plan

Each year the Kentucky Department of Education requires school districts to write an annual NTI plan for the upcoming school year. The plan must be approved by the local board of education and submitted to the commissioner for approval.

3.l. Support Staff for Special Needs Student

An Admissions and Release Committee (ARC) met on January 24, 2024 to discuss a student with significant needs.  The ARC determined it is necessary to assign a staff member to this student.  The staff member will be paid out of IDEA funds.

4. Action Item


4.a. LCMS All-State Chorus to Louisville

Four (4) Lincoln County Middle School Choral students were chosen to be part of the KMEA All-State Children's Choir and Junior High Chorus 

5. Public Comment
6. Move to Executive Session per KRS 61.810(1)(b) Deliberations on the Future Acquisition or Sale of Real Property
7. Return to Regular Session
7.a. Possible Action on Executive Session Discussion
8. Adjourn