Lincoln County
January 04, 2024 5:30 PM
Working Meeting
1. Call to Order
2. Set the Meeting Agenda
3. Hustonville Presentation
4. Board Elections/Appointments
4.a. Elect the 2024-2025 Board Chair For a Two (2) Year Term (per Board Policy 01.41)
4.b. Elect the 2024-2025 Vice Chair For Two (2) Year Term (per Board Policy 01.41)
4.c. Appoint the 2024 Board Attorney for a One (1) Year Term (per Board Policy 01.7)
4.d. Appoint the 2024 Board Treasurer for a One (1) Year Term (per Board Policy 01.413)
4.e. Appoint the 2024 Board Secretary for a One (1) Year Term (per Board Policy 01.412)
4.f. Schedule the 2024 Board Meetings Dates, Times, and Locations (per Board Policy 01.42)
5. Discussion Items
5.a. Distribute Copies of 'Your Duty Under the Law' and 'Managing Public Records'

Annually, each Board member shall be provided a copy of 'Your Duty Under the Law' and 'Managing Public Records."

5.b. 2024-2025 Draft Budget

The draft budget must be presented to the board by 1/31. The draft budget is preliminary in nature. It doesn’t include Fund 2 (grant money). The tentative budget is due to KDE by 5/30 followed by the
working budget which is due to KDE by 9/30.
? The total draft budget for Fund 1 is $45.7 million. This is considerably higher than previous years due to the absence of ESSER funds going forward.
? SEEK is the largest source of income within the general fund and is estimated at $15 million. This is lower than previous years, but the District is still receiving an additional bump to assist with loss of enrollment.
? The contingency is budgeted at $5.9 million which is 18%. A 2% contingency is mandated by the Kentucky Department of Education.
? The budget does include raises – classified & certified. The District will perform another analysis of area pay much like last year to help determine an exact amount. A 2% across the board raise would cost the general fund $400,000.
? The CERS rate, which classified staff participates in, will decrease from 23.34% to 20.52%. This would be a decreased expenditure of over $100,000.
? Salary and benefits make up 72%. This is still lower than usual because of the healthy contingency.
? The District does not anticipate that it will be paying for school supplies district-wide as was done the past three years with ESSER money.
? It is highly recommended that the District remain conservative about adding new positions or adding new programs or curriculum unless necessary.
? The cost for school healthcare may be reduced going forward. This would be a possible savings of around $150,000 - $175,000.
? SRO cost is obviously much higher going forward and is budgeted at $300,000 for next year.
? Loss of ESSER will mean the general fund will begin paying for more technology, personnel, programs, curriculum, trainings, iReady, Infinite Campus, ACT/AP tests, etc


5.c. Photographer for LCMS and LCHS

The Districts requests the photography bid with Lifetouch, be renewed for the 2024-2025 school year for the Lincoln County Middle and High Schools. 

5.d. Tyler Technologies Contract

MUNIS is the required accounting program all public school districts in Kentucky use.  There are several features not currently being utilized.  One module that will benefit the District is Cash Management.  This will assist with bank reconciliations and will allow for more efficient processing. The other is Enterprise Forms.  This will improve functionality in many areas by providing a forms library for purchase orders, checks, and other documents.  Once this service is in place, the district should be able to cut some expenses with other vendors.

The annual cost for Cash Management module will be $1,335 and Enterprise Forms will be $3,773. One-time implementation will be up to $6,300. 

5.e. JAG Course at Lincoln County High School

The District requests approval to create the Jobs for America's Graduates (JAG) course for Lincoln County High School to assist students in entering secondary education, the military, or the job market upon completing high school.  The course allows counselors the option to schedule students into the course.  It is considered an elective course and counts as one credit toward diplomas, career pathways, etc.  

5.f. JAG KY Specialist Position

The District requests permission to create a JAG Specialist position for Lincoln County High School.  This will be a 185 day contract on the teacher pay scale. JAG KY will pay $40,000 of a certified teacher's salary or $35,000 of an emergency teacher salary. 


5.g. Surplus Items at Kings Mtn.

Board Member, Ms. Gloria Sneed, requests approval to declare the following items as surplus and donate them to the Broughtentown Community Center:

  • Tag #10380 Range/Oven (2002)
  • Tag #10375 Serving Line (1980)
  • Tag #10377 Refrigerator (1998)
  • Tag #10378 Refrigerator (1983)
  • Three-Compartment Sink
  • Books
  • Blessing Boxes

5.h. Accept Bid for Truck
5.i. Foreign Language Position

The District requests approval for a Foreign Language Teacher position at Lincoln County High School. The position is needed for students electing to pursue a college diploma option. currently those students must attend summer school for this credit. 

However, because the SBDM council has control over what courses to offer and how to build their schedule, should  they choose not to offer a foreign language course, the funded position would not be utilized. If utilized the hiring authority for the position is with the principal/SBDM.

6. Action Item
6.a. Contract for Director of Special Education

Due to the resignation of the current Director of Special Education, the District requests approval of an Independent Service Contract for an interim director.

7. Public Comment
8. Adjourn