Lincoln County
September 07, 2023 5:30 PM
Working Meeting
1. Call to Order
2. Set the Meeting Agenda
3. Discussion Items
3.a. District Funding Assurances

The Superintendent must submit the Board approved District Funding Assurance to the Kentucky Department of Education annually. 

3.b. Board Policy 03.122 Holidays

The District requests to update the certified policy to match the classified policy regarding non-contract days.  Districts employees on contracts of 240 days or more may take non-contracted days during the official school calendar, if the absence is approved by the Superintendent or designee.  Requests must be made at least two (2) week prior to the beginning date of the absence if it is to be longer than two (2) consecutive days. 

3.c. Attendance Incentive Changes

The District is recommending the following changes to the Attendance Incentive Program:

  • Change Student Support Center to Central Office
  • Remove language regarding the program start date of January 2018 and partial year calculations
  • Remove language specifying exact pay dates in January and June
  • Discontinue the Grand Prize 

3.d. Final SBDM Allocations

Schools are to receive their final SBDM allocations by September 15, 2023. There have been some additions to allocations based on the September 1, 2023 average daily membership. 

3.e. KETS FY2023 Technology Activity Report

The KETS FY2023 Technology Activity Report must be approved by the Lincoln County Board of Education and then submitted to the Kentucky Department of Education. This report determines subsequent offers of assistance from state matching education technology funds. 

3.f. 2023-2024 Working Budget

The working budget is due to the Kentucky Department of Education by September 30, 2023.

3.g. Lease for Postage Meter

The District request approval of a lease with Pitney Bowes for a new DM400 postage meter which will lower the postage rate. 

3.h. Class Coverage Compensation

Teachers are often required to cover a class during their respective planning periods.  Last year the District paid teachers $30.00 if they lost planning time to cover as a substitute teacher in another classroom. In order to prevent 'double dipping', teachers were required to confirm they made up planning time either before or after school. 

3.i. Stipend Increase for Academic Support Positions

The Lincoln County Middle School is seeking to increase the stipends and/or extended days of those serving in extra academic support positions. There is currently a large discrepancy between the middle school and other district schools which we wish to address. The roles are as follows with the comparisons:

Instructional Coaches (2) - zero extended days vs 10 extended days at the elementary

Band Instructor (1) - $610 vs $5500 at LCHS

Chorus Instructor (1) - $610 vs $5500 at LCHS

Drama (1) - $200 vs $584 at LCHS

Team Leaders (7) - $700 vs $1000 at LCHS (listed at Content Leads and up to 12)

Content Leaders (4) - zero vs $1000 at LCHS (listed at Content Leads and up to 12)

Currently the band director has over 110 students participating in band (not including guitar classes), conducts 3 concerts a year, travels to area schools to perform for recruitment, takes ensembles to KMEA assessment, auditions students for all-state and takes students on a yearly incentive trip. Choir involves over 250 students, and the director also completes the same activities as listed above. The drama program involves over 150 students, and the director produces a Christmas performance and large scale musical encompassing extensive after school hours. Last year the director voluntarily split the $200 stipend with a musical director.

LCMS Requests the following changes:

Band Director - Increase to at least $1000
Choir Director - Increase to at least $1000
Drama Instructor - Increase to at least $1000
Add a Musical Director for the Spring Musical stipend - $500
Add a Choreographer for the Spring Musical stipend - $500

Instructional Coaches - add 10 extended days

Team leaders - $1000 each (7 total)
Content Leads - $1000 each (4 total)



3.j. Stipend for Yearbook Sponsors

The Salary Schedule for the District includes a $584.00 stipend for yearbook sponsor, however this does not include elementary schools. It takes a lot of time to put together the yearbook for any school and deserves compensation.  For this reason, the elementary schools request the a stipend be added to the salary schedule for yearbook sponsors. 

3.k. Lite the Nite Contract

The District requests to renew contract with Lite the Nite Technologies to provide assistance to obtain Erate funding and any other federal, state, or private grants that the district may qualify for.  Services will be provided on an as needed basis at a per day rate.  The money to pay for these services has already been budgeted in this years technology budget at the same amount as last year.

3.l. Shortened School Day/Week for Student Therapies

The District requests Board approval for a shortened school day/week for the following students who receive therapy from outside agencies:

  • Shortened School Day for one Kindergarten student at Highland Elem., one Kindergarten at Crab Orchard Elem., one 2nd grade student at Crab Orchard Elem., and two 5th grade students at Crab Orchard Elem.
  • Shortened School Week for one Junior at LCHS, one 7th grade student at LCMS, one 5th grade student at Waynesburg Elem., one 4th grade student at Crab Orchard Elem., and one 3rd grade student at Crab Orchard Elem. 

3.m. Exceptional Child Instructional Assistant Position

Due to the high needs of the Alternative Curriculum classroom at Lincoln County Middle School, the District requests an additional Exceptional Child Instructional Assistant position.  

3.n. Early Childhood BOE Training Schedule

The Lincoln County Early Childhood program (Preschool/Head Start/Early Head Start) must conduct Board and Policy Council trainings throughout the year.  The Lincoln County Early Childhood program is seeking approval of their Planning and Training schedule

3.o. Early Childhood Agencies & Vendors

Preschool/Head Start/Early Head Start will require the use of outside agencies to provide services (medical, dental, eye health, mental health, etc.) not available through the district.  Vendors may include, but are not limited to the following: 
Dr. Gary Coleman (Dental)                       Stanford Eye Center (Vision)             
Quest Counseling (Mental Health)            Hometown Dentistry (Dental)         
Kacie Brogle (Dietician/Nutritionist)           Eye Health of Stanford (Vision)
Danville Office Supply                               Dr. John Shea Lair (Dental)
Bates, Miller, Sims (Medical)                    Jane Berry (Program Consultan

3.p. Local Memorandum of Agreement

KRS 157.3175 requires local school districts to collaborate with Head Start and other existing preschool programs "to avoid duplication of services and supplanting of federal funds to maximize the use of Head Start funds to serve as many four year old children as possible".  The statute also requires that school district proposals contain certification by the Head Start Director the the Head Start program is "fully utilized"  on September 1st.
The school district and Head Start must complete a Local Memorandum of Agreement annually, which also verifies the number of at-risk four year olds enrolled with Head Start and confirming that Head Start is fully utilized on September 1st.  The Lincoln County Early Childhood program is seeking approval of this document.  

3.q. Additional Nurse for LCMS

The District request that the Board discuss the possible addition of a nurse for the middle school due the  shear number of students they see per month in comparison to other schools.  Healthy Kids Clinic has had difficulty keeping nurses there because of the overwhelming number of students seen.

3.r. Criteria for Naming Buildings, Gym, and Fields

Coach Jose Pope requests the Board set specific criteria for naming or renaming buildings, gyms, and fields to honor fallen coaches, athletes, employees, and community members who have made substantial contributions to Lincoln County Schools and its students. 

4. Action Items
4.a. Director of Curriculum and Instruction

The District requests to update the current job description of "Director of Secondary Schools' to the broader job description of 'Director of Curriculum and Instruction.'  There is no change in salary or compensation. 

4.b. Inclusive Classroom/Patriot Academy Instructional Assistants

Instructional assistants in the new Early Childhood inclusive classroom work with children with moderate to severe special needs. The instructional assistants in the Patriot Academy work with students placed in an alternative setting due to behaviors.  For these reasons, the District requests assistants working in the inclusive classroom or patriot academy receive the same pay as the Instructional Asst. II (Behavior Rm/AC) and that the pay be retroactive to August 9, 2023 and added to the salary schedule.

4.c. Contract for Gear Up Services

The District requests approval of the contract with Appalachian Education Services Agency for Gear Up services for the 2023-2024 school year. The grant will provide $50,000 to focus on readying students at the middle and high schools, for postsecondary education. The grant also pays the salaries of two Academic Interventionists and two College and Career Navigators.  

4.d. Behavior Health Service Providers

The District requests approval of the Memorandums of Agreement with: New Vista of the Bluegrass, Inc., Dana Carrera, LPCC-S, Royce Counseling Services, and Outreach Behavioral Health to provide behavioral health services to students. 

4.e. Migrant Stipend

The Board approved a $1,000.00 per school Stipend for the Migrant Coordinator at the June meeting. However, the request also asked for $1,000 stipend for supervision and services provided to students in the county who are not enrolled in Lincoln County Schools.  As this request was not included in the motion, the District requests Board approval of a $1,000 District supervision stipend for the Migrant Coordinator. 

4.f. Pay Applications for the Lincoln County Track & Field Update
4.g. Consent Items Needing Immediate Approval

  • LC Fellowship of Christian Athletes to use the LCHS Auditorium for 2nd Annual Field of Faith/See You at the Pole Youth Rally on Sept. 27, 2023
  • LC Arsenal to use the Waynesburg Elem. gym for Basketball practice and games from Sept. 15, 2023 to Mar. 30, 2024
  • Student Trip for LC ATC HOSA to the Corbin Arena for the Health Occupations Expo on Sept. 15, 2023
  • Student Trip for Crab Orchard Elem. 4th grade to Kentucky Historical Society in Frankfort on Sept. 15, 2023
  • Student Trip for LCHS FFA to Cumberland Co. High School for Leadership Conf. on Sept. 25, 2023
  • Superintendent's 30/60/90 Day Plan and Professional Growth Plan

5. Public Comment
6. Adjourn