Lincoln County
July 06, 2023 5:30 PM
Working Meeting
1. Call to Order
2. Set the Meeting Agenda
3. Stanford Data Review
4. Discussion Items
4.a. Early Childhood Governance Training and Orientation
4.b. Early Childhood Annual Data
4.c. School Fee Lists

In accordance with Redbook and Board policy 09.15, the Board shall annually adopt and publish a fee schedule for elementary and secondary schools. Approved fees shall remain in place until modified or removed by the board. 

4.d. Agreement with Omnia Partners

The District requests approval of the purchasing agreement with Omnia Partners. Omnia solicits and awards bid contracts and provides the district with more purchasing options. 

4.e. District Membership with KEDC and CKEC

Board discussion over costs and benefits of District memberships with KEDC and CKEC. The Food Service department has agreed to pay 50% of the cost of the CKEC membership.

4.f. Bus Bids

Only one set of bids were received for buses previously declared as surplus by the Board.  All bids were from Froggett Auto Sales.

  • Bus 071 $1,350
  • Bus 0502 $1,851
  • Bus 072 $1,261
  • Bus 082 $1,411

4.g. 08.1132 Hardship Graduation

The Director of Pupil personnel requests the Board approve Board Policy 08.1132 Hardship Graduation so students showing extreme hardship can be provided alternative routes to complete graduation requirements. 

4.h. 09.123 School Attendance

Board policy 09.123 School Attendance has language added to provide clarification on the use of the Medical Excuse Form.

4.i. Migrant Staffing

The Lincoln County Migrant Education program requests to hire part-time temporary/substitute staff for tutoring, office assistance, bus drivers/monitors, teaching, etc. throughout the 2023-2024 regular school year and during the summer to serve students per the guidelines required in the Service Delivery Plan of KDE Migrant Education. The program also requests permission to use district schools (with Principal approval)  to host on-site summer programming. All cost will be paid out of the migrant education grant at no cost to the district.


4.j. Food Service Rates

Hourly rates for Food Service cooks and managers, for the 2023-2024 school year, were approved by the Board in February 2023. However, a formula in the spreadsheet altered these rates in four experience categories which made them lower than what was previously approved. These lower rates were approved as a part of the revised salary schedule in a subsequent meeting.  The District asks for Board approval to  revise the salary schedule with the Food Service rates reflecting the hourly rates approved in February. 

  • 0-3 yrs experience: from $12.06 to $12.34
  • 10-14 yrs experience: from $13.34 to $13.39
  • 15-19 yrs experience: from $13.72 to $13.89
  • 25+ yrs experience: from $14.71 to $14.95

4.k. UK Clinical Practice Agreement

Lincoln County School District has University of Kentucky education preparation students completing clinical experiences and a Clinical Practice Agreement is required.

4.l. District Representative for ARC and 504 Meetings

Each year the Board approves, by title, those persons who can act as the District Representative (Chairperson) for ARC and 504 meetings.  

  • Director of Special Education
  • Asst. Superintendent
  • Preschool Director
  • Principals 
  • Assistant Principals
  • Guidance Counselors
  • Families, Health and Disabilities Manager
In addition - Exceptional Child Leads can act as Chairs for ARC meetings.

4.m. Services for Students with Visual Impairments

The District is to provide services for students with visual impairments.  As the District has only a small number of these students hiring a full-time person is not fiscally responsible.  Over the past ten years, the district has joined with surrounding counties to contract with an independent teacher of the visually impaired and has been pleased with quality of services provided to students.  Services are paid with IDEA funds from a monthly invoice. 

4.n. MindPsi Agreement

For the past two years the Exceptional Child department has entered into a contract with MindPsi, an independent agency that conducts educational evaluations.  An evaluator is needed due to the shortage of school psychologists on staff.  After conferring with the senior school psychologist, in was determined the EC department should ask Board to consider allowing an additional contract with MindPsi in the event there is an overage of referrals for special education (as is the current situation), an influx of preschool students in need of evaluation, and/or the need for additional assistance to meet the December 1st deadline. 

5. Action Items
5.a. Early Childhood Transportation Waiver

The Lincoln County Early Childhood program is requesting the approval of a transportation waiver that will allow the use school district buses to transport Head Start children on field trips for the 2023-2024 school year.  Approval is needed due to the Head Start requirement of the use of child restraints for transportation.  

5.b. Early Childhood Curriculum Specialist

Currently, the Early Childhood Curriculum Specialist is a 185 day position.  Due to the demands of several new staff members, the need for additional support is imperative.  The Early Childhood program would like to request that the days for this position be increased to 205 days, which will allow time for this extra support to be given.  

5.c. Superintendent Smith as Signer for Bank Accounts

With the resignation of Mr. Michael Rowe and the subsequent hire of Mr. Bruce Smith as superintendent, the signer on all bank accounts with Farmer's Bank must be changed.  

5.d. Assistant Superintendent/Director of Academic Services Position
5.e. Pay App.#4 for LCMS Connector

Lincoln County Middle School Corridor Connector:  Pay Application #4 in the amount of $292,931.47 to Jarboe Construction, LLC.

5.f. Rising Sun Change Order #2 for Track & Field Update
5.g. Pay App. #3 from Rising Sun for Track and Field Update
6. Public Comment
7. Adjourn