Lincoln County
June 30, 2023 5:30 PM
2022-2023 Superintendent Evaluation
1. Standard 2 - Instructional Leadership
1.a. Comprehensive District Improvement Plans and Comprehensive School Improvement Plans
1.b. Professional development plans based on data (Use of early release and PD days)
1.c. Impact Kentucky Survey
1.d. Student performance data
1.e. Formative and common assessments
1.f. Curriculum framework (K-12 alignment)
1.g. Walk-through documents and data collected
1.h. Implementation of instructional coaches
1.i. Minutes from administrative meetings
1.j. Participation at Co-op meetings
2. Standard 4 - Human Resource Leadership
2.a. Impact Kentucky Survey
2.b. Student performance data
2.c. Administrators’ professional growth plans
2.d. Number of teachers in the district with National Board Certification
2.e. Staff evaluation process and protocols
2.f. Minutes of instructional meetings with administrators
2.g. Brochures from job fair participation
2.h. Mentoring Program
2.i. Hiring Policy
2.j. District Professional Development Plan
2.k. Evaluation Plan
2.l. Allocations
3. Standard 5 - Managerial Leadership
3.a. External reviews and audits (e.g., budget, food service, transportation, federal programs)
3.b. Community Emergency Response Plans
3.c. Impact Kentucky Survey
3.d. Facility plan
3.e. District/school safety and crisis plans
3.f. Budget
3.g. Meeting agendas and schedules
3.h. Certified Evaluation Implementation
3.i. Energy Management Report