Lincoln County
January 18, 2022 5:45 PM
Special-Called Meeting
1. Welcome & Call to Order
2. Public Comment for Agenda Items Only
3. Superintendent and Staff Reports
3.a. Monthly Personnel Action Report
3.b. Report on Superintendent's Non-Contract and Out-of-District Days
3.c. Monthly SBDM Meeting Agendas and Minutes from Schools
3.d. Monthly Attendance Percentages
3.e. Early Childhood Communication:
3.f. Monthly Financial Statements, Accounts Payable, Payroll and School Activity Funds
3.g. Drills Report
3.h. Integrated Mental Health Report
4. Consent Agenda
4.a. Minutes of the December 7, 2021 Special-Called Working Meeting, December 16, 2021 Special-Called Meeting, and the December 27, 2021 Special-Called Meeting
4.b. Purchases over $30,000
4.c. Superintendent's travel
4.d. Leave Requests
4.e. Trip Requests
5. Discussion Item
5.a. Maintenance/Tech/Utilities Expenditures
6. Action Items
6.a. 2022 Board Attorney Appointment for a One (1) Year Term (per Board Policy 01.7)
6.b. 2022 Board Treasurer Appointment for a One (1) Year Term (per Board Policy 01.413)
6.c. 2022 Board Secretary Appointment for a One (1) Year Term (per Board Policy 01.412)
6.d. 2022 Regular Board Meetings Dates, Times, and Locations (per Board Policy 01.42)
6.e. Resolution Authorizing the Lincoln County School District Finance Corporation to Issue Revenue Bonds
6.f. Bids for Lincoln County ATC Welding Lab
6.g. Revised BG-1 for the Lincoln County ATC Welding Lab Project
6.h. Draft Owner Contractor Agreement
6.i. KETS Wiring Diagram Checklist
6.j. CPTED KY Checklist for KY Public Schools Form
6.k. Draft Budget
6.l. 2022-2023 School Calendar
6.m. Substitute Bus Driver Pay
6.n. SFCC Offer of Assistance
6.o. Feasibility Study
6.p. Second Gear UP College/Career Navigator Position
7. Adjourn