Lincoln County
October 21, 2021 5:30 PM
Regular Meeting
1. Welcome & Call to Order
2. Set the Meeting Agenda
3. Public Comment for Agenda Items Only
4. Superintendent and Staff Reports
4.a. Monthly Personnel Action Report
4.b. Report on Superintendent's Non-Contract and Out-of-District Days
4.c. Monthly SBDM Meeting Agendas and Minutes from Schools
4.d. Monthly Attendance Percentages
4.e. Early Childhood Communication:
4.f. Monthly Financial Statements, Accounts Payable, Payroll and School Activity Funds
4.g. Drills Report
5. Data Presentation
6. Consent Agenda
6.a. Approve Minutes of the September 2, 2021 Working Meeting, September 9, 2021 Tax Hearing, and the September 9, 2021 Special-Called Meeting
6.b. Approve Purchases over $30,000
6.c. Approve Leave Requests
6.d. Approve Facility Requests
6.e. Approve School-Wide Fundraising Activities
6.f. Accept Donations
6.g. Grant Permission to Apply For and Implement Grants
7. Action Items
7.a. District Facility Plan Hearing Report
7.b. Test to Stay
7.c. Vaccination Incentive
7.d. Remote Learning Days
7.e. Early Graduation
7.f. District Representative for the Certified Evaluation Appeals Committee
7.g. Part-time Program Assistant Position
7.h. Declare Vehicles as Surplus
7.i. Erate Contract
7.j. McDowell Wellness Center Contract
7.k. Wildness Trace Contract
7.l. MOA with MindPsi
7.m. Newland Speech Therapy Company Contract
8. Move to Closed Session (per KRS 61.810 (1)(k) Meetings Specifically Required to be Conducted in Private
9. Return to Open Session
10. Adjourn