Lincoln County
May 11, 2021 5:30 PM
Special-Called Working Meeting
1. Welcome & Call to Order
2. Item for Review
2.a. Foster Lane Authorization, Consent & Release
3. Discussion Items
3.a. Discussion on Senate Bill 128
3.b. Fuel Bid
3.c. Bus Parts & Supplies
3.d. LCHS Yearbook Contract
3.e. LCMS Yearbook Contract
3.f. Revised Section 7 Staffing Allocation
3.g. MOA with KDE
3.h. White & Company Contract
3.i. Principals Combining Budget
3.j. 2021-2022 Tentative Budget
3.k. School Psychologist Additional Days
3.l. MOA with MindPsi
3.m. Shortened School Day
3.n. Exception Child Lead at LCHS & LCMS
3.o. Student Help for LCMS FRC Reorganization
3.p. Modified MOA for Family Resource/Youth Service Centers
3.q. KEDC Membership Agreement
3.r. Emergency Leave Policies
3.s. ESSER Fund Use
3.t. Athletic Director
3.u. MOU with Operation Unite for 2021-2022
3.v. Virtual School Application
3.w. Certified Evaluation Plan
3.x. Mentor Teacher Stipend
3.y. Communication Coordinator Additional Days
3.z. Mental Health Specialist Supervision Hours
3.aa. Certified Staff for Summer Program Salary Comparison
4. Action Items
4.a. Application for ESSER II Funds
5. Addendum Item for Discussion
5.a. BG-1 for Welding Lab Project
6. Adjourn