Lincoln County
April 01, 2021 5:30 PM
Working Meeting
1. Call To Order
2. Set the Meeting Agenda
3. Discussion Items
3.a. Comparison of Job Specific Classified Salaries
3.b. Final Section 7 Staffing Policy for 2021-2022
3.c. Final Section 4 & Section 5 Staffing Policy for 2021-2022
3.d. Indirect Cost Rates
3.e. Advertise for Yearbook Bids for LCMS
3.f. Certified Athletic Trainer Contract Renewal
3.g. Policy 03.1236 Bereavement Leave/Emergency Leave
3.h. SBDM at Waynesburg Elementary
3.i. NTI Plan for 2021-2022 School Year
3.j. Family, Health, & Disabilities Manager
3.k. Playground Equipment for Crab Orchard and Waynesburg
3.l. MOA with Berea College
3.m. 2021-2022 Student Handbook
4. Addendum Item
4.a. Discussion on Senate Bill 128
5. Move to Closed Session (per KRS 61.810 (1)(k) Meetings Specifically Required to be Conducted in Private
6. Return to Open Session
7. Adjourn