Lincoln County
September 18, 2017 8:30 AM
Academic Division Leadership Team Meeting
1. Opening Activity


2. Principal's Meeting Reflection and Feedback


Feedback from exit slip...


1) What priorities you're most excited about?

- Curriculum maps being revised

- Walk-thrus

- Healthy Kids Clinic

- Social Service workers

- Curriculum map

- Standards based reporting

- Common assessments

- Visits to schools

- Curriculum changes

- Recognizing teachers as experts

- Social Service worker

- Healthy Kids Clinic

- Curriculum Work

- Teachers going back to making instructional decisions 

- School visits and presence

- Google support

- Healthy Kids Clinic

- TIILO-B this will be very helpful

- Whole Brain

- Social Service Worker

- Having Teacher Leader two days

2) What else should be the priority of the Academic Division? 

- We need another preschool classroom

- Power standards and mastery

- Kit that Jackie suggested (thinking this is the standards mastery toolbox???)

- Continued support for reducing the gap

- Continue elementary curriculum work - urgency with this

- Standards Mastery reporting

- Communication with principals about things instructional coaches are being told. (This is not necessarily negative, we are sometimes not in the same communication loop.)

- Culture of special education, ownership, trust, general ed folks about special ed stuff

- The conversations after lunch

- Teacher start time earlier so that students have time for morning work and can be successful for the day. Also this is an excellent time for social skills groups and re-teaching, Enhanced learning.

- Clear RtI Plan for academics too!

- Principal more involved with instructional trainings/meetings (moving toward clearer lines of communication and consistency).


3. Update on Elementary Curriculum Work Plan
3.1. Standards Mastery Reporting

See attached draft report for K math, draft parent letter, etc.


3.2. Instructional Coaches Responsibilities List
4. New Teacher Induction - Preparing for next training
5. Professional Development - Reporting options w/Frontline
6. Department Updates
7. Adjourn