Lincoln County
November 11, 2016 9:00 AM
Admin Meeting
1. Welcome
2. Call To Order
3. eMeeting Agenda Item Request

Starting with the December Board of Education Meeting, agenda items must be submitted using eMeeting. All agenda items for a particular school must be submitted by the principal or his/her designee. Training will be provided prior to the the December meeting.

4. Times Are A Changing

Possible 2017 Legislative Items

  1. 2016 Senate Bill 1
    1. Prohibit KDE from imposing reporting requirements of PGES
    2. Prohibit PGES from using student growth data
    3. Tenured teachers evaluated every 3 years, non-tenured every year.
    4. Prohibit evaluation results from being used in state accountability
    5. Foreign language, career & tech course, computer technology or programming course to met arts & humanities requirement
    6. Require KDE to provide assistance with implementing RTi to any district that asks.
    7. Implement process to review standards.
    8. Delete program reviews and audits assessment system.
    9. Require college placement exam to be given in the fall of grade nine and for KDE to pay for it.
    10. Prohibit norm-reference exams from being used as a measure of academic growth.
    11. Delete provisions regarding WorkKeys assessments.
    12. Delete college placement exams from state accountability.
    13. Include quality of school climate and safety, high school graduation rates and postsecondary readiness in the accountability system. 
    14. Prohibit scores of certain exceptional children or youth from being included in school's accountability scores.
    15. Alternate diplomas will be counted in graduation rates.
    16. No principal replacement option in PLA schools.
    17. Comprehensive School Improvement Funds can be used for personnel.
    18. Major change in turnaround options.
  2. Remove Common Core 
  3. School Choice (Charter Schools)
  4. Vouchers?
  5. Retirement Age

5. SESC Principal Cadre

January 6, 2017


3 Hours EILA

Corbin Center

6. Concerns From Teacher Advisory Council (TAC)

Concerns: Planning Time Is Often Interrupted


  • ARCs
  • PLCs - once per week
  • Interruptions during the day - phone calls, assemblies, papers
  • Could we use email instead of phones or knocking on doors?
  • Scheduling different times for interruptions, not just at the end of the day
  • Have input on agendas for both PLCs and staff work days
  • Answer how PLCs or training will make me a better teacher

7. Patriot Days
8. EC Teacher Leader Survey

Quick review of survey results and discussion.

9. Physical Therapist

Discussion of current concerns in not receiving any applicants for the position. Discussion of all of the different attempts and share current plans for next steps.

10. Child Count

Reminder of child count and process in place so that we don't miss any students who enroll on December 1. Additional discussion of EC Teacher Leader's role in the process and ARC meeting work occurring with teachers currently in preparation.

11. School Nurse Visits

Discussion about the current protocol in place at each school to refer students for nursing services. Discussion of location of change of clothes - Confidentiality issue when students are coming in the school health office for change of clothes. Other concerns. Opportunity to ask/answer questions.

12. Making A Difference Recognition

Reminder of email and opportunity to ask/answer questions.

13. Dyslexia Screening Plan

Reminder of email and opportunity to ask/answer questions.

14. Data Compression
15. New Science Standards
16. Adjourn