Southgate Independent
September 30, 2013 7:00 PM
Special Board of Education Meeting
1. Call to Order
1.1. Welcome
1.2. Roll Call
1.3. Pledge to the Flag
2. Communications
2.1. Superintendent's Report
Actions Taken

Order #306.2013 - Motion Passed:   passed with a motion by Mrs. Diane Hatfield and a second by Mrs. Angela Combs.

3. Approval of BG-1 for Chimney Repair Work and Use of Construction Funds

This item was tabled until Mr. Palm is able to get more information for the Board to consider.

4. Review of the TELL Survey

The Board of Education reviewed the TELL 2013 Survey Results with the School Council. The discussion focused on areas of improvement as well as areas of concern.

5. Comments from the Audience
6. Comments from Board Members
7. Adjournment
Actions Taken

Order #307.2013 - Motion Passed:  That the meeting be adjourned passed with a motion by Mr. James Specht and a second by Mr. William Shockney.