MISSION: To achieve proficiency through a high quality education for all students in a safe and supportive environment.

Regular Board Meeting
April 15, 2021 6:00 PM
Estill County Board of Education
253 Main Street
Irvine, KY 40336

I. Call to Order
A. Welcome/Pledge
B. Reminder to Sign In
C. Revisions
D. Estill County Area Technology Center Principal - Mr. Coy Hall
II. Facilities /Construction Update
A. Area Technology Center
1. Update
2. Approval Pay App #20 and associated DPO's
3. Approval of Change Order 13-4
4. ATC Furniture Update
B. Bus Garage
1. Update
2. Approve Pay Application #14
C. High School Phase 7 Renovation Project
1. Update/Project Timeline and Projected Completion
2. Multivista Revision
D. Estill County Bleacher Project
1. Approval of Pay application #1 and #2 for Bleacher installation (Bid Package 1) and associated DPO's
2. Approve Pay Application #1 and #2 for Bleacher Demolitions (Bid Package 2)
3. Consideration /Approval of BG4 for the Estill County Bleacher Project Bid Package #1
4. Consideration/Approval of BG4 for the Estill Count Bleacher Project Bid Package #2
E. Air Quality Upgrades: ESSER II
1. West Irvine Elementary HVAC upgrades
a. Consideration/Approval of Construction Documents
2. Estill County District-Wide Air Purification/HVAC upgrades
a. Consideration / Approval of Construction Documents
III. Action Items
A. White House Clinic: Mobile Oral Health Program
B. Cares II Funding Budget
C. SBDM Allocation Request
D. Waiver of KAR7:125 concerning Pupil Attendance and Virtual School Enrollment
E. Dataseam Information Technology Apprentice Program
F. Leave Of Absence
IV. Consent (Action) Items
A. Approve Minutes of March 18, 2021
B. Approve Treasurer's Report and Payment of Bills
C. ESSER II Funding Assurances
D. 2021 Technology Surplus
E. Estill County Health Department Request: ECHS COVID-19 Vaccination Site
F. SB 128 requests to use the 2021-2022 school year as a supplemental school year.
G. KDE MOA District 180 School Turnaround Initiative
H. FRYSC Contract FY 2022
I. NTI Plan FY 2022
J. Other
V. Superintendent's Report
A. Notification of Personnel Actions
B. End of Year Festivities
C. Spring Sports Update/Segment Guidance
D. Retiree Celebration
E. May Board Meeting ATC Walkthrough
F. Other
VI. Board Member Forum
VII. Public Comments
VIII. Adjourn