Regular Meeting of the Board of Education
November 10, 2022 7:00 PM
Dietz Auditorium
450 Bartlett Avenue
Erlanger, KY 41018

Mission Statement
It is the mission of the Erlanger-Elsmere Schools to embrace and attend to the individual needs of our students, regardless of the obstacles.

I. Call to Order
A. Open Meeting
B. Pledge to the Flag
II. Approve Acceptance of the Resignation of Serena Owen as Board Member Effective November 4, 2022
III. Presentations
A. Construction and Facilities UpdateEhmet Hayes/
Noah Onkst
B. 2021-2022 Kentucky Summative Assessment (KSA) ResultsMatt Engel
C. National Homeless Youth Awareness MonthShelley Werner and Jennifer Nichols
IV. Reports
A. Schools, District Personnel, and Department Supervisors
B. Grants Report
C. Student Board Member Report
D. Transportation Report
E. Review of Process to Select a New Board Member
V. Individuals Desiring to Speak to the Board
VI. Approve the October 13, 2022 Monthly Board Meeting Minutes
VII. Approve Interview Questions for Board Vacancy
VIII. Consent Agenda
A. Authorize Treasurer to pay bills from General Funds and Special Programs
B. Authorize Treasurer to pay November Salaries
C. Approve Detailed Monthly Report and Balance Sheets for October 2022 to be posted on the District website for a six-month period (House Bill 154)
D. Approve the Technology First Offer of Assistance from the School Facilities Construction Commission for FY-23 KETS Offer in the amount of $27,601 and match the amount equally by the EES Board of Education
E. Approve the Application for a Full-Time Emergency Certification for Megan Sherman, Arnett Elementary School – MSD Teacher for the 2022-2023 School Year
F. Approve the Application for a Full-Time Emergency Certification for Kelly Miller, Arnett Elementary School – LBD Teacher for the 2022-2023 School Year
G. Approve the Owner-Contractor Agreement for Howell Elementary School - Emergency Boiler Replacement REH#127-822-A BG#23-116
H. Approve the Howell Emergency Boiler Initial BG1 (REH #127-822-A/BG #23-116)
I. Approve the Lloyd HS Emergency Band Room HVAC Initial BG1 (REH #127-622/BG#23-092)
J. Approve the Lloyd HS Emergency Band Room HVAC Change Order 1 (REH #127-622/BG #23-092)
K. Approve the Tichenor Middle School HVAC Renovations Initial BG1 (REH#127-822-C/BG#23-227)
L. Approve the Shortened School Day for Student #11022022 for the remainder of the 2022-2023 school year as recommended by a medical doctor, ARC, and IEP.
IX. Personnel Changes
X. Facility Fundraising Requests
A. LMHS GBB Shoot-A-Thon Fundraiser
B. LMHS GBB Bowling Fundraiser
C. LMHS BBB Fundraiser U
D. LE Scholastic Book Fair Fundraiser
XI. Adjourn