Breathitt County Board of Education Regular Board Meeting
October 26, 2021 5:00 PM
Marie Roberts-Caney Elementary/Via Video Teleconference

Video Teleconference 

Graduates Prepared For College, Career, and Community


Breathitt County Schools will accomplish this vision by:

1.  Putting students FIRST in ALL decision making,

2.  Setting high expectations for student achievement,

3.  Advocating for every child,

4.  Promoting growth for students and staff,

5.  Actively engaging community stakeholders, and

6.  Promoting positive school/community culture.

I. Call to Order.
A. Roll Call
B. Pledge of Allegiance/Mission and Vision
C. Adopt Agenda
II. Presentations/Reports
A. Student Recognitions
1. BHS Golf Team-All "A" Regional Golf Champions.
a. Isaac Bellamy
b. Luke Bellamy
c. Weston Miller
d. Blake Ritchie
2. BHS Volleyball District Champions
a. Brooke Baker
b. Angelina Brewer
c. Jacey Carpenter
d. Allison Halsey
e. Audrynn Hamilton
f. Sabrina Hays
g. Haleigh Hyden
h. Natalie Moore
i. Emily Neace
j. Abigail Noble
k. Allie Noble
l. Naoma Noble
m. Adreonna Schutz
n. Breleigh Spencer
o. Hannah Turner
p. Emalee Watts
B. Staff Recognitions
C. Reports
1. Superintendent ReportPhillip Watts
2. Attendance ReportSusan Watts
3. Harshaw Trane Energy ReportWill Noble
4. Academic ReportStacey Davidson
a. Breathitt High SchoolCharles Davidson
b. Highland Turner ElementaryDarwin Noble
c. Maire Roberts-Caney ElementaryJason Fugate
d. Sebastian ElementaryJeremy Hall
5. Kindergarten Readiness ReportHannah Watts
III. Student Learning and Support Items Recommended for Approval
1. Consider approval of the following fundraiser requests
a. Sebastian Elementary FYRCS Box Tops for the purpose of purchasing items for students.
b. Sebastian Elementary FRYSC selling beef jerky sticks for the purpose of purchasing items for students.
2. Consider approval of emergency certification for Employee #4817.
3. Consider approval of setting adult meal prices at $3.00 for breakfast and $4.75 for lunch to begin after board approval per state/federal guidelines.
4. Consider approval of the 2021-2022 ARC Chairperson Designees
5. Consider approval of facility usage agreement for Michael Hudson to utilize the SES gym for practice for a 3-4 grade travel basketball team, contingent upon providing insurance, and approved cleaning plan, and an approved plan from the local health department.
1. Consider approval of the September 28, 2021, regular meeting minutes.
2. Consider approval of the September 2021 Treasurer's Report.
3. Consider approval of the October 2021 bills for payment.
4. Consider approval of updating the learning space in the Breathitt High School media center through ESSER Funds with option 1 with carpet from KERR Workplace Solutions.
5. Consider approval of overnight field trip for the purpose of BHS Agriculture to attend the FFA National Leadership Development Symposium Convention in Indianapolis 10/27/2021-10/30/2021.
6. Consider approval of amending the 2021-2022 calendar to include Monday, November 22 and Tuesday, November 23, 2021, as additional Thanksgiving break days.
7. Consider approval of adjusting the 2021-2022 salary schedule.
8. Consider approval to accept a letter of interest to hire Tate Hill Jacobs Architects for purpose of installation of a new HVAC system to serve the Breathitt High Coliseum.
9. Consider approval of the BG1 New Breathitt County Area Technology Center, BG# 22-182.
10. Consider approval of BG1 Breathitt County Field House and Concession, BG# 22-168.
11. Consider approval of a Deductive Change Order #001 to The Wilson Group in the amount of (-) $21,582.00 for revisions to window material based on field measurements and reconfiguration of window vents.
12. Consider approval of the Pay Application #7 from Standafer Builders in the amount of $72,476.12 for work to date on the new Elementary (BG#20-283).
13. Consider approval of the payment of Owner Direct Purchase Orders Application #7 for the new Elementary School (BG#20-283) totaling $173,386.15.
14. Consider approval of Change Order #001 to Standafer Builders for $24,700.90 for additional stone required to stabilize the building pad due to unsuitable soils.
15. Consider approval of BG 5 for Sebastian Elementary Renovation, BG number 19-320.
16. Consider approval of Breathitt PE gym contract with Cincinnati Floor Company.
17. Consider approval of change order for ZERO dollar change to the construction contract. This change order will signify the revision of the Owner Direct Purchase Orders, eliminating DPO #18 to L&W Supply and providing a new DPO #38 to the Foundation Building Materials (BG-20-283).
18. Consider approval of change order for ZERO dollar change to the owner DPOs. Adding a new DPO vendor to the construction contract due to the original vendor (DPO #18 L&W Supply) will not honor the original bid price due to supply chain issues. The new DPO to be added will be DPO #38 Foundation Building Materials. This change order is in conjunction with the Construction Contract Change order #002.
19. Consider approval of KY Clean Diesel Grant Program application for purpose of replacing two diesel school buses with newer efficient diesel buses.
20. Consider approval of the DERA State Grant School Bus Rebate application.
IV. Personnel Notifications
V. Informational Items
A. Communication/Sharing (All Present)
B. School Financial Reports
C. School SBDM Reports
VI. Adjournment