Menifee County Board of Education Special Called Meeting
August 16, 2023 5:30 PM
Menifee County Board of Education Board Room

I. Call to Order
A. Roll Call
B. Pledge of Allegiance
C. Moment of Silence
D. Menifee County School District: Values, Beliefs and Goals
E. Adopt Agenda
II. Presentations
A. Student Recognitions/Staff Recognitions
1. Mrs. Lane's Floral Design Presentation
B. Reports
1. Treasurer ReportsLorri Bartley
a. MUNIS Balance Sheets
b. Monthly Financial Report
c. Bank Reconciliation
d. Cash Flow Statement
2. PDSA Report/Directors Report/CTE Coordinator Report/Alternative Report/Transportation Report/Facilities/Maintenance Report
3. Principal Update/Instructional Support
III. Student Learning and Support Items Recommended for Approval
1. Board Minutes
2. Subsequent Claims, Current Claims and Salaries (Bills for Payment)
3. Approve Floral Design as an Arts & Humanities credit for Graduations Requirements
4. Approve the CTE Surplus list
5. Approve the Memorandum of Understanding with Blue Grass Community Foundation, Farming Now!
6. Approve Sleep Dreams Program Fundraiser
7. Approve Annual Data Security Report
8. Approve Technology Activity Report (TAR) for 2023-2024
9. Approve the Memorandum of Agreement for Gear Up Grant for the 2023-2024 year
10. Approve Unaudited Annual Financial Report for FY 23
11. Review Procedure 02.3 AP.2 End of Year Checklist
12. Review Procedure 09.36 AP.21 School-Related Student Trip Request Form
13. Review Procedure 09.36 AP.22 Event Specific Emergency Action Plan (EAP) for School Sanctioned Nonathletic Event Held Off-Campus
14. Review Procedure 09.36 AP.211 School-Related Student Trip Permission Slip and Medical Release Form
15. Approve 2023 Tax Rate for 53.3 Real Estate and 54.4 tangible
16. Approve Amending Botts Early Learning Center Long-term Lease with Gateway to reflect Single Year Contractual Lease Agreement
17. Approve to apply for Unified Champions Club/Sports
18. Approve Cost Per Mile Calculation of To-and-From School for Buses
19. Approve 2023-2024 Motor Vehicle and Watercraft Property Tax Rate.
20. Approve Amended 23-24 Pay Scales
21. Approve Amended 23-24 Organizational Chart
22. Approve for Mr. Spencer, Superintendent to Approve Change Orders up to $24,999 for the New Sports Complex
23. Approve Contract with Standafer Builders INC as Contractor for Menifee County Sports Complex
24. Revised 23-24 Professional Development Plan
25. Approve 2023-2024 Procurement Plan
26. Approve Out of State School-Related Student Trip Request for 8th Grade to Washington D.C. 3/27/2024-3/30/2024
27. Review Updated District Special Education Procedures
28. Approve FMLA for Employee #1321
29. Approve JUUL Litigation Settlement Offer Against Altria Group, Inc.
IV. Personnel Notification
V. Informational Items
A. Monthly Community ReportMelanie Golden
B. Sports Complex Draft of Construction Schedule
C. Botts Early Learning Center Waster Treatment Permit
VI. Communication/Sharing (All Present)
VII. Adjournment