Board of Education Regular Meeting
October 23, 2023 7:00 PM
Bath County High School Auditorium

Growing Minds, Empowering Leaders, Transforming OUR Future!
1. Call to Order
2. Discussion and possible action on tonight's agenda
3. Pledge of Allegiance & Silent Devotion
4. Student Spotlight- Bath County Middle School
5. Superintendent & Board Communication
a. Special Recognition
b. Personnel Actions
c. Fundraisers
6. Discussion and possible action approving the following items:
a. Minutes September 18th & October 12, 2023
b. September Financial Statement
c. Claims
d. Superintendent Expenditures
e. Travel
f. Use of Facility
g. Grant
h. Review of all monthly financial reports of all funds
i. Pay bills through October 31, 2023
j. KEDC New Horizons Academy MOU
k. Advertise/Approve surplus auction scheduled for December 16, 2023
l. Annual Audited Financial Report- AFR
m. FY23 Audit Report
7. Public Comments
8. Discussion and possible action on KETS First offer of Assistance
9. Discussion and possible action on the Bath HS HVAC Renovation BG#22-376 – PR 11 door hardware modifications for four doors in the Gym @ $1098 add
10. Discussion and possible action on the Bath LAVEC Phase II BG#22-520 – PR 03 sink fixture credit @ ($2888) credit for about 24 sinks specified when the new solid surface counters have integral sinks already included in the scope.
11. Discussion and possible action on the Consideration/Approval of Special Inspections invoice from LE Gregg in the amount of $1549.75 for the Bath County High School Miscellaneous Renovations project, BG#22-376
12. Discussion and possible action on the Consideration/Approval of Ross Tarrant’s rendering proposal for Bath County Middle School
13. Discussion and possible action on the Bath LAVEC Phase II BG#22-520 – (PENDING REVIEW CONFIRMATION) The geothermal wellfield contractor offered ($34,000) credit for no longer seeding/maintaining the wellfield, addressing topsoil grading and replacing fencing.
14. Other Business
15. Motion to go in executive session pursuant to KRS 61.810 (1)(f) Personnel
16. Motion to come out of executive session and take any necessary action
17. Adjourn