Board of Education Regular Meeting
November 21, 2022 7:00 PM
Bath County High School, Auditorium

Growing Minds, Empowering Leaders, Transforming OUR Future!
1. Call to Order
2. Discussion and possible action on approving tonight's agenda
3. Pledge of Allegiance & Silent Devotion
4. Stilwell Award Presentation
5. Student Spotlight- BCMS
6. Recognition- Bath County High School Softball Team
7. Superintendent & Board Communication
a. Personnel Actions
8. Discussion and possible action to approve the following items:
a. October 27, 2022 minutes
b. October Financial Statement
c. Claims
d. Superintendent Expenditures
e. Fundraising
f. Travel
g. Review of all monthly reports of all funds
h. Newly elected board member to attend the KSBA Winter Symposium
9. Public Comments
10. Discussion and possible action on the Bath County High School / LAVEC - Additional Site Survey Proposal Agreement
11. Other Business
12. Adjourn