Board of Education Regular Meeting
August 22, 2022 7:00 PM
Bath County High School, Auditorium

Growing Minds, Empowering Leaders, Transforming OUR Future!
1. Call to Order
2. Discussion and possible action to approve tonight's agenda
3. Pledge of Allegiance & Silent Devotion
4. Student Spotlight- Owingsville Elementary School
5. Cyber Security Presentation
6. Superintendent and Board Communication
7. Superintendent Personnel Actions
8. Discussion and possible action to approve the following items:
a. July 25, 2022 Minutes
b. July Financial Statement
c. Claims
d. Superintendent Expenditures
e. Fundraising
f. Use of Facility
g. FY2023 Gear-Up Contract
h. District Surplus AuctionDr. Melton
i. Pay bills through August 31, 2022
j. FY23 MOA Improving Student Health & Academic Achievement
k. Student Fees & Honesty Bonded Employees
l. The fiscal Year 2022 Cost Per Mile Calculation of To-and-From School
m. Review of all monthly reports of all funds
9. Public Comments
10. Discussion and possible action on the LAVEC Construction Management ApprovalDr. Melton
11. Discussion and possible action on consideration/approval of Design Development Documents for the BCHS Renovation Project BG#22-376
12. Adopt 2023 Motor Vehicle & Watercraft Property Tax Rate of 46.40 cents
13. Discussion and possible action to approve first reading of revised policy 09.33 Fund Raising ActivitiesSupt. Steven Evans
14. Discussion and possible action to approve the requested extended LWOP
15. Discussion and possible action to approve an additional certified district itinerant preschool teacher and one additional classified assistant for the 22-23 school year due to increased numbersMrs. Kim Whitt
16. Discussion and possible action to approve one Title I funded Kindergarten teacher and one General fund Kindergarten assistant at OES for the 22-23 school year due to increased enrollment
17. Other Business
18. Adjourn